Wednesday 9 November 2016

                      The Populist Vision

The 21st century sees Britain without a political party in Parliament that truly represents the masses. For the first time for decades working people remain without political representation, and the old parties of Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat have to varying degrees bought in to the anti-worker philosophy of “neo-liberalism” or the “free-market”.
Without government intervention how does one invest for jobs, homes and education? We suggest that a National Investment Bank is the best solution. Our policy on Trade and Industry will explain further.

Modern globalised free market Britain can be a cold and unwelcoming place for those “left behind” by so-called “progress” and not part of a minority favoured by the politically correct elite. When people see their job become more insecure, when they see their family less and when they feel they no longer know their neighbours, this doesn’t always feel like progress.

The powers that be promote “change” for the sake of it and fail to respect the things people value in their lives. We should value not just in the rights of individuals, but also the quality of relationships between people. This is why we worry about the family as a unit – stable relationships, good parenting and care for the elderly, rather than simply concerning ourselves with rights. Rights must be balanced with responsibilities.

The Populist Alliance; which has been formed from the remnants of the old Populist Party, from the Popular Alliance and by former members of the Social Democratic Party has identified 14 key areas, which bind Populists together, and they can be applied to any country and are therefore a universal set of values.  Unlike the old parties these ideals are logical and no one objective contradicts another. 

The Labour Party was seen as the natural party of the working class today it has become out of touch from the ordinary everyday lives of the people.
It champions the overseas poor, but ignores the poorest in this country – the class of people who created the Labour movement. Therefore the Labour party must be replaced by something new. Why Populism? We believe that small parties have failed to break the old 3 party consensus due to their nature of ideological purism and a failure to speak to the wider public. Most have recycled members from old organizations without actively recruiting those new to political involvement. As usual the voter loses out. It is time to rip up the political rule book – of the Left, Right and Centre and understand that the new divide is between a global elite versus nation states; between those with power and connections and the 95% who have not

Please read on and find out about our ideas for reviving our nation, our people, and our industries…
Our Programme at a glance:

1.     Populist Economy; Oppose the rampant uncontrolled free market.  Support co-operatives, the self-employed and the small shops; a small-scale mixed economy where the tax system works to break down department stores and supermarkets into smaller units and breaks up monopolies. The public utilities will be renationalised.

2.       Anti Globalisation: Withdraw from the European Union, and oppose globalisation and its institutions with a long-term aim of reducing the role of multinationals and other overseas ownership

3.       Ecology: Populists support the preservation of nations, cultures, peoples, species and the natural world. We support decentralisation of power to the local level.

4.     Neutrality: Withdraw from NATO and adopt a policy of non-alignment. Use the armed forces are for defence only, not for policing the world and standardisation of nations. 

5.       Protectionism. Economic sovereignty by trading with whom we choose, controlling imports and exports if necessary encouraging people to buy the goods they produce to ensure fair pay and job security.

6.       Money Reform. Our long term aim is to ensure finance and banking is national not international, with a view to setting up a National Investment Bank to ensure that money is ploughed into national economies rather than being "lost" to foreign competitors.

7.     Immigration Control: The mass movement of people undermines wages, and causes erosion of the countryside as new homes are built to accommodate a growing population and dilutes identities of indigenous peoples.
  1. Public Provision of Health and Education. We support the National Health Service and oppose charges for prescriptions. We oppose privatisation of Health and Education. The Welfare State created by Beveridge for a post-war Britain spiraled out of control to become more of a hammock than a safety net, with the result that its opponents had the ammunition for beginning the process of dismantling it. We support a Basic Income scheme which is simple, hard to defraud and devised in a way that will reward work not idleness.

9.     Full employment: We believe mass unemployment to be a waste of talent and resources. It leads to alienation, lethargy and crime. It is impossible to plan for the future without a job or regular income. Full employment leads to greater purchasing power and lower welfare costs. Our economic policy is focussed toward full employment and the revival of manufacturing.

10.  Producerism: We believe that those who provide society with something of lasting value and do real jobs who live off the fruits of their own labour, rather than those who live off others, should be rewarded by a change to the tax and welfare system to redress the balance in favour of those who produce and against “agents” and “middlemen” who live comfortably off the hard work of others. 

11.  Direct Democracy – we will introduce a Swiss style Referendum system.

12.   Popular Justice. Populists believe that people should be criminally responsible for their actions and the "Punishment should fit the crime".  We take a hard line on crime. 

13.    Defend free speech; a free society in which the individual has the right to participate in political activity without fear of being made homeless, jobless or any other punishment. 

14.  Oppose “political correctness.” Populists say that countries should overtly promote their culture, traditions and history. A nation that forgets its past has no future.