Wednesday 29 November 2017

Theresa May's game plan.

To make Brexit unpopular with both sides by surrendering over the Brexit divorce bill..

The die-hard Remainers will say that far from us saving money each year it will continue to cost us, but without the "benefits" (in their eyes) of EU membership.

And (she hopes) the Leave vote. rs will about turn on the issue and back a last minute 2nd referendum in the payments prevent us from clawing back the billions that Brexit was meant to have saved the British taxpayer...
WE know where the blame lies - with the old parties - all 3

1) For a stitch up referendum in which the Tories were chosen by the
Electoral Commission to represent both sides. Cameron v Boris.

2) For giving the EU the opportunity to continue to bleed us dry and be portrayed as the victim in the costly divorce.

3) For the Tory annexation of UKIP, so that no viable anti-EU party with money or mass membership could fight them. UKIP councillors have deserted the party in droves and it is likely that the MEPs will follow suit once their EU funding dries up...

This is a stitch up of the biggest kind. And it needs punishing.

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Thursday 21 September 2017


The system regenerates each time a second generation worker expects a Western wage.

Eventually the amount of tax that can be levied to support services etc will be restricted as the average pay per person drops alarmingly.

The proliferation of lettings instead of owner occupation, the pound shops and the loans companies show there is something deeply amiss with our economy and what was once called recession is actually the norm, due to big business employing people without the purchasing power of previous generations.

"Immigrants do jobs that most British workers would never do!" say liberals

1. How many of these jobs are even seen by British workers? If they are advertised in Polish etc how can English speakers find them?

2. Immigrants have children here. 2nd, 3rd generation British face competition from newcomers, and these newcomers' children also face competition driving wages down over generations.

3. Immigrants age too (they don't all return to the motherland after making their money here) so the argument about needing them due to an aging population is bogus,unless one plans to kick people out on their 65th birthday.

4. We need to get our people (of whatever ethnic origin) off the dole and back into work by training them and giving them a future. We need a welfare system that rewards work rather than acting as a disincentive, and provides a living wage for workers. Full employment not welfare dependency.

5. Businesses are using immigrants not just for cheaper labour, but also to avoid training people. If pre-trained people emigrate from a poorer country then the immigrant is grateful for the work and raised standard of living and the boss gets cut price labour, but we still have to pay in the form of a huge benefits and crime issue as a result of generational unemployment. There is also a "brain drain" on the poor nation if their talented workers leave

6. The Green belt and countryside gets eaten away as more homes are needed, the schools face huge problems with translation issues and rising class sizes, the "bad" immigrants require more prison places as a larger population means more criminals, not just more decent citizens (no race or nation is 100% law abiding).

The mass immigration we are seeing benefits the richest in society - those who want cheap nannies, gardeners etc, the capitalists who have no national affiliation, the property developers and those who deal with money transactions as immigrants send money "back home" to relatives. Permanent Immigration is a "capitalist con-trick" and people of colours, creeds and origins should look behind the motivations of those who promote it. 

Any "left-wing" party that is for immigration is acting as useful idiots for the capitalists...

Tuesday 8 August 2017

What We Support:

· A government that will put the national interest first.

· Leaving the EU, but keeping the workers' conditions it legislated for.

· Ending open borders, and stopping immigration, so our services are
able to cope and our identity preserved.

· Withdrawing from NATO, but keeping our nuclear deterrent. An
independent foreign policy for Britain. Become a neutral country like

· Public ownership of the utilities – gas, electricity, water, coal – and an
NHS that is free at the point of use.

· Clampdown on corporate tax avoidance. Bring the banking system
into public ownership to provide necessary credit to ordinary people,
to increasing national investment, and eliminate the national debt and
austerity measures.

· The introduction of a Basic Income Scheme to top up low wages and
deter social security fraud. Fair pay for an honest day’s work.

· Developing self-sufficient agriculture and fishing industries in Britain.

· Tougher treatment of criminals; no more open prisons, soft
sentencing or early release of prisoners. Life sentences to mean life.
No release for child molesters and murderers.

· Greater discipline in schools. Traditional methods of education and
an emphasis on subjects that can be used in the workplace. No to
citizenship lessons and sex education that can be used to
indoctrinate pupils.

· Government controls over the price of rent, fuel and public transport.

What We Oppose :

· The “me-first” crass consumerism culture of modern America and its
replacement of traditional British values and culture.

· TTIP, the EU-US Trade Agreement which threatens our NHS.

· Intervention in the Middle East in support of Israel.

· VAT – which hits the poorest the most.

· Money transfer firms that drain our economy as money made here is
spent overseas.

· The financial advantage of political parties that are funded by unions
or business. We say only their members should fund them.

· Greedy developers who use open borders as an excuse to build on
our countryside.

· Big business using immigration to avoid training and employing local
workers on a fair wage.

· Supermarkets and chain stores having unfair advantages over small

· Liberals, globalisation, religious fanaticism, political correctness.

Join us now!

Friday 28 July 2017

UKIP is in turmoil. Over the past 48 hours economics spokesman Partrick O'Flynn stood down from his role due to concerns that all of the leadership front runners are Thatcherites on economics. Meanwhile, one of these "Thatcherites" Bill Etheridge, has pulled out of the leadership race (second one he has abandoned) stating that he will resign from the party if either of the front runners are elected (Peter Whittle and Anne Marie Waters) amid fears over their focus on Islam.
Frankly, the whole thing is a mess. This is what happens when a party tries to accommodate too many diverse views. No, not even diverse - diametrically opposed.
Whoever wins will lead a lame duck party riven with disputes, because the party has little in the way of philosophy, other than a vague libertarian view on the small state (the Etheridge view).

The Populist Party has key values by which it agrees policy. These are:

1. Populists are opposed to the American-style rampant uncontrolled free market, materialism, commercialisation and consumerism.

2. Populists are anti-globalisation - the power of global finance, the banks. and major multinational corporations.

3. Populists support self-determination for all peoples. Populists support the preservation of nations, cultures, peoples and species.

4. Populists support Neutrality. No more involvement in foreign conflicts, especially the Middle East. If corporates wish to defend their overseas assets let them stump up the money for mercenaries.

5. Populists support protectionism. Proper sovereignty means a nation state controlling imports and exports where necessary. For fair pay and job security people must be encouraged to buy the goods they produce and the products must be affordable. Local production and local ownership.

6. Populists support Money Reform and oppose the international finance model of economy and private usury (money lending).

7. Populists support localism. We support co-operatives, the self employed and the small shop and would take steps to make them the heart of the economy..

8. Populists oppose free movement of peoples across borders; the mass movement of capital and people undermines wages and threatens jobs of those already living in developed countries, as well as our identity.

9. Populists support Public Provision. Great strides were made in the 20th century to create a welfare system to protect ordinary folk from hardship. We realise that reform is needed, but not privatisation.

10. Populists believe in full employment. Full employment leads to greater purchasing power and lower welfare costs.

11. Producerism. We believe that those who provide society with something of lasting value and do real jobs should be rewarded by a change to the tax system to redress the balance in favour of those who produce and against “agents” and “middlemen” who live comfortably off the hard work of others.

12. Populists believe in Direct Democracy –a Swiss style Referendum system. We will root out political corruption.

13. Populists believe in Popular Justice. Populists believe that all people should be criminally responsible for their actions and that the "punishment should fit the crime".

14. Populists support free speech and oppose political correctness.

-- UKIP has nothing like that in its statement of aims; a 14 point "set in stone" philosophy. Hence the arguments about economic direction.

UKIP achieved great things, not least with the securing of the referendum, but we now need a post-UKIP party that has a cohesive philosophy that will attract like minded people to work together, not against each other. We Populists wish to keep out the big-ego politicians, the cranks, those who get their kicks from in-fighting and those who are plants from other parties (Carswell?) to undermine the efforts of genuine activists.

UKIP isn't going anywhere but down. Only this week it lost its last remaining councillors in Mansfield due to defection.

Think about it - what is the point of pounding the streets and pouring money into UKIP if the councillor you elect defects to the Tories? You don't see defections on this scale with any other party.

They spoke of the "People's Army" yet members of UKIP complain that the NEC (National Executive) does not represent them. We DO need a "People's Army", which is why the Populist Party exists. We don't claim to have thousands of members (like some new parties do when really this only amounts to FB "likes"). We don't claim to have big money donors (and frankly, most donors donate big sums to influence direction - something that we would not countenance).

So join us today and build something that is radical and grass-roots based - the Populists.

Populist Party, 11 Greensleeves Avenue, Broadstone, Dorset, BH18 8BJ. £10 membership
The Populist Party committee for 2017-2018 as elected at our recent Annual General Meeting is:

 Leader:  Russell White
Deputy Leader:  Andrew Williams
Chairman:  Lee Consterdine
Deputy Chairman:  Ellen Davies
Treasurer:  Lee Consterdine
Nominating Officer (for Elections) : Michele Caruana
Admin and General Purposes Secretary: Michele Caruana

Committee (without portfolio)

Jonothon Boulter
Jason Branton
Aileen Casey
Brian Clare
Tony Morrow
Robert Stevens
Richard Vardy

This is the largest and most able Populist committee to date. We are growing in number. Join today!

Populist Party, 11 Greensleeves Avenue, Broadstone, Dorset, BH18 8BJ. £10 membership

Saturday 10 June 2017

Result for the Populist Party in Lewisham West and Penge
I received 50 votes.
The seat went to Labour once more with a majority of 23,162
Labour's total vote was 35,411 66.6 % (+16.0% on last time)
I wish to thank all those who voted for me as well as my signatories who gave me the opportunity to put the party's case. I'd also like to give special thanks to those within the Populist Party who leafleted, often in hot or wet conditions, to provide me with the extra 40 above the ten signatories.
This will be the last time this seat is contested, for it will divided 3 ways (mainly between Peckham and Beckenham at the next election). I am pleased that it was a fairly fought election with no acrimony or aggression from the opposition, and that I was treated with courtesy at the count itself.
Thanks to all,

Tuesday 6 June 2017

Vote Populist tomorrow if you live in the Lewisham West and Penge constituency. 

We are the only party standing that offers a protectionist Brexit and British armed neutrality. 

True independence from leaving both the EU and NATO, and ensuring that British workers' jobs are protected from wage suppression caused by immigration and imported goods. 

Friday 19 May 2017

The Populist Party is fielding a candidate in Lewisham West and Penge at this General Election. The party leader, Russell White, is standing to promote the ideals of Populism in the constituency.

Sunday 16 April 2017

There's a theory about a "critical mass". If a certain % of UKIP members start again within the Populists, then at some point there will be a tipping point where as many as half could defect. 

The effect of this on UKIP would be to leave it without the rank and file, who would become important members of the PP, rather than cannon fodder for UKIP under a leadership that barely represents their views beyond Brexit... The PP would then carry the torch of Populism passed by UKIP and the remnants of UKIP would broker a merger with the Tories.
UKIP says...
"Reports are coming out of Chechnya, about the arrests, imprisonment, torture and in some cases murder of gay men. Paul Nuttall, the UKIP leader has condemned the actions of the Putin backed warlord Ramzan Kadyrov,"
"If these reports are true, and it looks like they are, then the Government must protest in the strongest manner.
"Just because the warlord of this Islamic fiefdom is an ally of Putin should not blind us to the horrific abuse of human rights being perpetrated.
"Putin claims to oppose Isis and its blend of fundamentalism in Syria but seems to be impervious to decency. He has the power to stop this inhumanity. The Government should demand that he does."

--------- Why is Paul Nuttall getting involved in this?

1) Putin is fighting for traditional values, yet our own political class and media pushes an agenda which goes way beyond homosexual equality under the law.
2) Why is what happens in Chechnya (to homosexuals or indeed anyone else) a matter for UKIP to comment upon? UKIP supposedly prides itself upon being against the human rights lobby that expects us to intervene in every abuse across the world (usually with disastrous results!) but in practice is a globalist hand wringing liberal party like the old gang!

Saturday 8 April 2017

            Mr Gold and Mr Green

Here's a story about two men, Mr Gold and Mr Green. 

Mr Gold is what is known as a materialist. He has shares in the stock exchange. When he sells them it does not matter to him if workers lose their jobs, as long as he can make a tidy profit. 

Mr Gold is also a rogue landlord. He overcharges and maintains his property to the lowest standard the law will allow. And when he feels the need for more profit he puts up the rent and evicts the previous tenants - to him it's simply "business". 

Mr Gold likes the free market; he believes business should employ people at the lowest rate possible, with local workers being sacked to be replaced either by workers in Far East sweatshops or by robots and self-service machines. He supports the privatisation of the NHS and of education. After all, his family uses private education and health, so why pay twice? Yes, why indeed, he thinks, so he is happy to see cuts to public transport, as he has a car (foreign made) and as long as the roads are maintained it matters not if those unable to drive have a bus service. 

Mr Gold hasn't many friends, but he has many contacts through business, with whom he networks, when playing golf or bridge. 

He's the man on the council who approves plans to demolish historic buildings so his business contacts can build low quality flats in their place (to rent to us - at a cost!). He's the one who wants to build on the green belt and rip up planning laws. He claims to want to provide homes for the low wage immigrants that he employs - but we know better... 

Mr Gold is unapologetic. When asked about buying British, about national loyalty he simply shrugs his shoulders and says he's a "citizen of the world". He claims that English workers need to match the wages of the low paid immigrants he employs if they wish to be competitive... 

He claims that he cannot get English workers  because "they are lazy", and that they should be "grateful" for their meagre wages. I am sure we've all met, seen or heard a Mr Gold in our lives.....

Mr Green, on the other hand, is quite different. He supports conservation of old buildings, and the countryside. He says it is our birthright and our heritage, to be preserved for future generations. 

Naturally Mr Green was upset when Mr Gold's planning committee passed plans to destroy the local nature reserve and build executive homes in its place. Mr Green opposes open borders, to prevent further squeezing of the housing stock. He says immigration is used by developers to create an excuse to make the government give over more land for them to build upon so they can make big bucks

Mr Green is also in business, but unlike Mr Gold, his is small scale and local - he sells bicycles. It offers him a decent enough living, but not a fortune. He has enough to get by. He is popular with those in the local pub who admire his decency and good humour. He's also in the local cycling club, but he does own a car which he uses when not cycling. He's happy enough to pay for public transport though, even if he uses it rarely. Mr Green thinks of others' needs, not just his own. 

Mr Green is a localist. If he can he'll use the local butcher or grocer because he wants the little man to survive against the superstores owned by the likes of Mr Gold. 

Mr Green is concerned about local workers losing their jobs due to globalisation. Mr Gold would call him a socialist, but he's not, nor is he a bleeding heart liberal. He simply wants to see fair play and a chance for everyone to have a slice of the national cake. He worries about loss of our national identity and he voted to leave the EU. 

Mr Green wants money that's earned here to stay here, rather than being sent abroad to be spent in a foreign High Street, so our shops and industry can prosper. But Mr Gold sees money transfer as a good way to make an easy profit. As long as he makes money he doesn't care where the capital is heading. 

Well, that's the story of two very different fictional men. We hope you liked it. We also hope that you are like Mr Green and not like Mr Gold in your way of thinking. 

Now, if Mr Green were real he'd be joining the Populist Party to fight against all of the false values held by Mr Gold......

Will you? 

Further thoughts on the strike upon Syria.... 

We could be looking at WW3, between NATO/Israel and the Muslim World, as a war with Islamic State will no doubt wake up "sleeper" sympathisers in all nations with significant Muslim populations. It would mean an end to the phoney "war on terrorism" and the start of a REAL war, with conscription. This will be another Vietnam.

And if that occurs, we CANNOT assume victory, because Western governments have no intention of interning "potential" enemy aliens, on the grounds that "not all Muslims are terrorists". Well, I have news for them. In WW2 not all Germans living here were Nazis (in fact many were Jews) yet we still interned them, just in case. And the absence of an intricate enemy spy network within our borders helped us win. But today, a war with the Islamic State would fail, because even if Trump and May nuked ISIS to smithereens in THEIR borders we will still have ISIS backers roaming around with impunity within OUR borders.

And all this would mean nothing if a) we were neutral b) We had not allowed Muslim and Jewish mass immigration over the past few centuries to create lobby groups pulling us into arguments that were not our business!!!  
Isn't changing policy on Assad as a result of images of people attacked by chemical weapons the same as changing policy on refugees as a result of seeing an image of young Alan Kurdi dead on the beach after drowning in the Mediterranean Sea?

One image caused a "refugee crisis" whereby huge numbers of Syrians (and others claiming to be Syrians) engulfed Europe.

One "attack by Assad" (probably not by him) and Trump U-Turns, with possible collapse of Syria so it falls to ISIS entirely.  What security threat does Assad pose to the West, to NATO? None.

Think back. In times past the media was limited. Fewer televisions, less media propaganda, less bleeding heart liberalism, more isolationism. Yes, it could be hard-hearted, even lacking compassion, but without a barrage of film clips narrated by simpering voice actors showing starving kids in Africa, or showing bombed out places we'd never heard of in the Middle East did we think about these events?

No, we thought about our own country, its needs and its future.

And that's exactly what our leaders need to be doing now. Ignore the media clamour to police the world......

Thursday 6 April 2017

List 1 : Old "Tory Patriotism" ........

Believes that the EU is "run by Germany"
Believe that patriotism is mainly about waving the flag and supporting the Monarchy, rather than about people of all economic statuses.
Supports Israel against Islam on the grounds that it is the "only democracy in the region"
Blindly supports the U.S. in foreign policy
Still thinks that the Upper Middle Classes are traditionalist, despite growing liberalism amongst the graduate class
Does not really believe that Britain can stand on its own, hence it supports global free trade
Believes that the elite are best suited to run Britain and therefore opposes most referenda.
Thinks we can still police the world in our post-imperial age
Sees sport as an expression of national strength
Reveres the British Empire, but regards "nationalism" as a dirty word
Thinks that human success is based upon ownership, power and money
Sees the green belt as land to be built upon
Admires Margaret Thatcher's stance on the miners
Blames the French for "sending their illegal immigrants over to England".
Supports economic Darwinism - if small shops cannot compete against supermarkets they should close. Opposes subsidies for struggling industries
Condemns benefit scroungers yet sees tax evaders as "entrepreneurs"
Allows monopoly capitalism and the concentration of power and ownership in the hands a the few on the grounds that intervention in the economy is "socialist", yet cannot see the similarity between this and state socialism.
Blames the immigrants for living here, but does not accept the role of big business for their residence in this country. Also falls for the lie that British worker does not wish to take on the jobs.
Or List 2 Populist patriotism? .........
Believes that the EU is run by a supranational elite which extends far beyond Germany, and that ordinary Germans have no more power than ordinary Britons.
Believe that patriotism is largely about ordinary people and their part in building our nation.
Does not support Israel on the grounds that it is nothing to do with us, and that it stokes tensions between us and the Arab world, with whom we previously had good relations.
Seeks to sever the "special relationship" with the US so the UK is not a satellite state. .
Believes Britain can and should stand alone, with a policy of Protectionism
Thinks we can cannot (and should not) police the world in our post imperial age.
Believes that the masses are best suited to run Britain and therefore supports most referenda.
Sees sport as primarily an expression of teamwork and physical activity.
Respects the British Empire, but understands that true nationalism respects every nation's right to national independence.
Thinks that human success is based upon character, personal standing and the way one conducts oneself
Sees the green belt as land to be conserved.
Condemns Margaret Thatcher for closing the mines and making us more dependent upon overseas fuel.
Understands the French for wanting to deport their illegal immigrants, even if it is over to England. Blaming the French for having the resolve to deport them is based upon envy.
Opposes economic Darwinism - if small shops cannot compete against supermarkets they should be assisted to survive by the government. Supply subsidies for struggling industries.
Sees tax evaders as "parasites", who are no better than benefit scroungers.
Opposes monopoly capitalism and the concentration of power and ownership in the hands a the few on the grounds that it is the same outcome as the policy of state socialism.
Understands the reasons for immigrants wishing to live here and opposes their presence in large numbers, but blames big business for their residence in this country. Also opposes the lie that British worker does not wish to take on the jobs.


If you mainly prefer the forward thinking Populist patriotism in list 2 then join us today:

Populist Party, 11 Greensleeves Avenue, Broadstone, Dorset, BH18 8BJ. £10 membership

Ken Livingstone is now the victim of the same PC bigots he always supported when they were venting their spleen on his political opponents. -----Ken Livingstone is accused of lying about an agreement between Nazi Germany and Zionist German Jews signed on 25 August 1933 - yet here it is .....

So, is the issue that he is anti-Semitic or is it about him bringing a historical fact to peoples' attention (certainly it was news to me) that certain people wanted to keep covered up (for reasons unknown)? 

Isn't the Labour Party treading on thin ice by denying the Haavara Agreement? 

Did not George Orwell warn us of the consequences of denying history?

.......those opposing the reinstatement of the admittedly ghastly Red Ken into the Labour Party are a pretty grim bunch themselves.....
They include:
Rachael Maskell (Re immigration: She is quoted as saying "20,000 is not enough and 30,000 is not enough' and that "We will keep going until we hit our saturation point because what does it matter if we have to wait another week for a hospital visit? Or if our class sizes, are slightly bigger? Or if, our city is slightly fuller? What does it matter, if things are slightly more challening? If we have to pay a little bit more in to the system?")
Yvette Cooper, who back in 2015, Cooper was one of a number of politicians and celebrities who volunteered to take refugees into their home:
Wes Streeting (former Head of Education at Stonewall, where he led their Education for All campaign to tackle "homophobia" in schools)
Chi Onwurah (publicly supported Owen Smith's calls on a rerun of the referendum on the UK's EU membership)
Louise Ellman (She voted "very strongly for" the Iraq War, "very strongly against" an investigation into that war... Ellman is a member of Labour Friends of Israel. )
Keir Starmer (formerly held a consultancy position with the law firm (Mishcon de Reya LLP) that acted for Gina Miller in bringing legal proceedings against the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union
Gavin Shuker (Shuker has been a critic of right-wing nationalist groups such as Britain First, the English Defence League (EDL) and Liberty GB, condemning what he calls their repeated "targeting" of Luton. He has drawn attention to the high costs of policing demonstrations by the EDL, and has spoken at rallies opposing the EDL’s presence in Luton.)
Barry Gardiner (In February 2017, The Times revealed that Gardiner received £182,284 in disclosed cash donations from Christine Lee & Co since September 2015, which acts as the chief legal adviser to the Chinese embassy. Before this, his constituency party received cash donations from Christine Lee & Co of £22,500 between 2009 and 2015. The paper also revealed that part of this money was used to fund the employment of Daniel Wilkes (son of the firm's founder) in his parliamentary offices. Alistair Graham, former chair of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, called the situation as "bizarre" and said "there are clearly questions to be answered")
----- The Labour Party is rotten to the core, whether it is the Islam apologists like Corbyn and Livingstone, or the Cultural liberal Israel Lobby like those above. Note that some of the 41 MPs are Jewish and will inevitably dispute the decision. Others have resigned as Shadow Cabinet members during the tenure of the hopeless Corbyn, so have an axe to grind regardless of Livingstone.
----- There is nothing to choose between the two wings. Essentially neither supports the indigenous British (who are largely not Muslim or Jewish, and have no interest in whether Israel exists or not, but simply wish to see no more British soldiers' blood spilled in the Middle East whether supporting Israel or trying to set up NATO puppet regimes in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Egypt etc)

Tuesday 7 March 2017

The EU referendum result was a big thumbs down to those who have taken the British voter for granted for far too long. The political class (the 2% led by failed ex-Prime Ministers such as Major, Blair and Cameron, and funded by big business in the form of the CBI) called it incorrectly and the people spoke!
There were many valid reasons on both sides why people voted the way they did – immigration, the cost of living and concerns over workers’ rights being just a few. While some have refused to accept the democratic will of the majority most have sensibly decided to accept the result – to try to make it work, even if they did not vote for Brexit.
We seek a Brexit Britain that rejects both the dog-eat-dog uncaring Thatcherite right and the wild-eyed hard Left. Both are based upon textbook crank theories that ignore the real needs of ordinary people. Needs such as job security, fair wages, just prices, affordable rents and mortgages, freedom from crime and the fear of crime, and the right to free speech without loss of livelihood or (at worst) imprisonment.
Current politicians condemn “Populists” yet governments since the mid-1960s have been pushing an extreme agenda that breaks down communities, leads to loss of national identity and takes away personal and national independence.
How can this be reversed? We need to give people back their pride. Give them a stake in society, through co-operative ownership in business, worker participation with the managers of industry, and rewards for loyalty. It means policies to help people to buy locally from small business, to stop monopolies and the clone town mentality where all high streets are increasingly the same.
We need to conserve what matters to people, be it our local pub, our hospital, our school or our corner shop. Our heritage is under threat – be it the green belt or historic buildings from the bulldozers of the greedy developer. Once destroyed it can never return. The so-called “Conservative” Party fails to conserve anything except the wealth of its backers.
That also applies to identity. The hostility towards traditional values by the elite has lead to society breaking down, social order being unsettled and the formerly abnormal becoming the norm in the mass media. The fear of being condemned as prejudiced meant a decline in our traditional way of life.
We have an exciting vision for Populist Brexit, a people’s Brexit that works for you, not big business, not bureaucrats and certainly not the politicians!
How WE would implement Brexit. A 15 point plan….
1) Trade deals only with nations with a national average wage that matches our own. UK goods cannot compete with those made by people in sweatshops on poverty wages.
2) No trade deals that include powers for corporations to sue our governments in secret tribunals (the proposed TTIP deal).
3) No immigration from nations with a national average wage that does not match our own. Did you know that a Dentist in Romania’s average monthly income equals $488 but in the UK it is $3016! This is why we must implement a policy that protects our workers… no open borders or wage suppression….immigrant figures should never exceed emigrants.
4) A ban on future overseas takeover bids upon UK companies and a higher business tax for overseas owned corporations than our own companies. Let them pay for the right to operate here so our home-grown business can compete.
5) Outsourcing to be punished with tax penalties when businesses employ people overseas to carry out work that could be done here (example: call centres)
6) An automation tax that is designed to ensure that businesses that sack workers and replace them with machines pay far higher tax than those who employ people..
7) Scrap the EU-created Value Added Tax (VAT), and replace it with a tax on any imported goods (from countries not matching our national average wage) which we could make ourselves. There would be no tax therefore on products such as tea, bananas etc.
8) A tax on money transfer so that a % of the money destined to be spent in foreign High Streets is kept here and used to support our industry.
9) Incorporation of EU laws on parental leave, worker protection, safety and environmental standards into UK law.
10) All job vacancies to be in English and only advertised in this country.
11) Investment in our manufacturing, fishing and farming industry, apprenticeships. Replace student loans for vital subjects (engineering, science, health etc) with grants.
12) Return our utilities (water, gas, electricity, nuclear etc) back to public ownership instead of foreign ownership, so energy prices can be controlled.
13) A Bill of Rights, Responsibilities and Duties to replace EU Human Rights legislation..
14) Introduction of Swiss-Style Direct Democracy (a regular Referendum on local and national issues chosen by ordinary people).
15) A clampdown down on tax evasion by big business, and on welfare fraud.