Wednesday 3 August 2022

You'd think that more supposed opponents of mass immigration would understand geo-politics and that it is NATO interventionism that created the massive influx of "refugees" to our shores....

And by backing NATO they are backing intervention to try to make the rest of the world resemble the USA where there is every conceivable minority group in the country, where said minorities have strong anti-white lobbies and where Woke/PC is running rampant.
The USA IS the template for the multicultural society yet there is so much hypocrisy and lack of understanding. It is as if people have gone around with their eyes closed tightly. And now Ukrainian refugees coming here. I suppose a number of fake opponents of multiculture back that too? Perhaps some took the Government's £350 bribe and took some in?

It isn't a hard concept to grasp. NATO is globalist, the EU is globalist. The UN certainly is. And they all want multiculturalism for the European nations so white people become a minority. Those who back Zelensky ARE for multiculturalism...

 Anti-car legislation hits those in areas with poor public transport. If private cars end up out of most people's reach we will end up with a lot of people migrating to the towns with better public transport rather than being isolated. That, in turn, will put pressure on those services (and others such as schools, the NHS etc) as population density increases.

 What kind of society allows schools where the disruptive bully runs the classroom, and the ultimate punishment for bad behaviour is removal to a school with more facilities & attention than is available to the well-behaved left behind?

What kind of society allows our old people in care to have to sell their homes they worked for all their lives, threatens to cut the pensions of the future elderly, yet rewards the work shy, the wastrel, and the criminal with incentives to live off their neighbours, whilst the real poor go without?
What kind of society allows yobs to control our streets, to rape our daughters and attack our sons.
There’s a civil war going on in our land, but there are no armies - just innocent people being maimed and killed daily by thugs and molested by perverts who no longer fear a police force that is being neutered by political correctness. Think that’s too strong?

Read the papers, watch the news and remember.
Remember the children who died at the hands of sick evil men and women over the years. More each year...
Remember every old soldier whose last moments were not at the hands of an enemy during the war, but at those of the generation he fought to save from tyranny and mass murder.

That’s the kind of society we live in. A “dysfunctional society” where nothing works.
Given the will, the people could change the country within a short time. But it means tough action. It means rolling back the “human rights” legislation that allows terrorists and other vicious criminals to roam free.It means scrapping useless open prisons, life meaning life for child killers and serial killers.
If we want a safe society where little children can play safely and old people can go out at night we need to change the way we think. That means a backlash against liberal attitudes. It means putting the victim first, and outlawing the pressure groups that push for a soft deal for law breakers.
The only party that can be trusted to defend the children, the vulnerable, is the Populist Party.
Not controlled by the establishment - no vested interests; an open and grass-roots party of the people.

Join today!

 The party recently lost an old friend, Dick Vardy, who while not a member at the time of death (having given up political activity due to ill health) was a valued member of the party during his time with us. 

That sad event came not long after we lost our Deputy Chairman Ellen ("Min") Davies. Her death left a void in the party and we remember her stories and her enthusiasm as well as her expertise on workers' rights and Common Law.

Both are sorely missed. 

RIP Dickie 

RIP Min.