Tuesday 7 September 2021

 The Populist Party is localist, is ecologist, as we aim to create a small-scale economy, in which small business, small farms and co-ops predominate. 

One where we make the goods we use, live within our means and treat nature with respect; where people have the chance to work locally with job security in locally owned firms. One that protects the Green Belt from greedy developers, but also tackles the cause of housing shortages - overpopulation due to open borders. That's TRUE Green thinking.... 

Imagine producing a majority of goods at home, rather than importing. Replacing factory farms with local/family owned farms. Not being dependent upon overseas fuel. No longer being in the stranglehold of the multinational corporation that threatens to disinvest when Government doesn't do its bidding! As for "off-the-grid" living.. don't even mention that to the powers that be!  Supporting self-sufficiency, personal responsibility and thrift to prevent personal debt. 

Imagine a main party that, for once, supported the Third Economic Sector, the Independent Small Trader, self-employed and co-operatives. One that proposed that people used local credit unions, rather than online banks? What if that same party backed local initiatives such as setting aside more allotments and farmland where land is available? Grow your own and save money. Or defending pubs by scrapping duty on British brewed alcohol. The old parties would never agree to that; they want you in the chain stores, run by their donors! And they wouldn't support LETS (local exchange trading schemes) that use a unique (interest-free) local currency on which all trade is based, because that too would take people out of the debt-based economy and free them to use their skills without involving the bankers! 

WE aim to BE that party. Join the Populists today and build a localist future for our nation.  - Russell White, Populist Party Founder. 

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Tuesday 20 April 2021

 European Super League....

The Tory PM Boris Johnson described the new league, which includes six leading English clubs, as "ludicrous".

- Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but where were the Tories when British firms (iconic in many cases) were taken over by foreign businesses?

Rolls Royce - German...
Cadbury- American....
Rover cars - German...

And many more examples.

The Tory mantra is "the free market must not be interfered with", which is why they oppose monopoly and merger legislation as well as Protectionist economics which would have kept iconic brands in British ownership..

This intervention is pure opportunism by the Tories. Maybe it would be "bad politics" to not oppose it, but why is football considered more important than economic independence?

In any case, many football teams are also foreign owned. So who cares if the game loses six teams, given that most contain few home grown players and are overseas owned. There's nothing essentially British about football anymore ..

We'd like to know whether this intervention to stop the Super League is the beginning of a new protectionism for the Tories or whether they will revert to type once the issue is settled either way.

We suspect the latter...