Thursday 21 September 2017


The system regenerates each time a second generation worker expects a Western wage.

Eventually the amount of tax that can be levied to support services etc will be restricted as the average pay per person drops alarmingly.

The proliferation of lettings instead of owner occupation, the pound shops and the loans companies show there is something deeply amiss with our economy and what was once called recession is actually the norm, due to big business employing people without the purchasing power of previous generations.

"Immigrants do jobs that most British workers would never do!" say liberals

1. How many of these jobs are even seen by British workers? If they are advertised in Polish etc how can English speakers find them?

2. Immigrants have children here. 2nd, 3rd generation British face competition from newcomers, and these newcomers' children also face competition driving wages down over generations.

3. Immigrants age too (they don't all return to the motherland after making their money here) so the argument about needing them due to an aging population is bogus,unless one plans to kick people out on their 65th birthday.

4. We need to get our people (of whatever ethnic origin) off the dole and back into work by training them and giving them a future. We need a welfare system that rewards work rather than acting as a disincentive, and provides a living wage for workers. Full employment not welfare dependency.

5. Businesses are using immigrants not just for cheaper labour, but also to avoid training people. If pre-trained people emigrate from a poorer country then the immigrant is grateful for the work and raised standard of living and the boss gets cut price labour, but we still have to pay in the form of a huge benefits and crime issue as a result of generational unemployment. There is also a "brain drain" on the poor nation if their talented workers leave

6. The Green belt and countryside gets eaten away as more homes are needed, the schools face huge problems with translation issues and rising class sizes, the "bad" immigrants require more prison places as a larger population means more criminals, not just more decent citizens (no race or nation is 100% law abiding).

The mass immigration we are seeing benefits the richest in society - those who want cheap nannies, gardeners etc, the capitalists who have no national affiliation, the property developers and those who deal with money transactions as immigrants send money "back home" to relatives. Permanent Immigration is a "capitalist con-trick" and people of colours, creeds and origins should look behind the motivations of those who promote it. 

Any "left-wing" party that is for immigration is acting as useful idiots for the capitalists...