Sunday 26 February 2023

 Someone on another thread claimed that Russian soldiers were committing atrocities. We are not going to verify, deny or condone, but as with the Yugoslav civil wars, there will be artocities committed on both sides, but unlike then, there is a clear divide between the aims of the Ukranian elite (WEF/EU/Globalism) and the Russians (anti-NWO).

We support neutrality outside NATO but it is tempting to take sides when all you hear is pro-Ukraine propaganda from those who back expanding the EU Eastwards. And you just KNOW that the long term aim is to topple Putin, Medvedev and the rest and install a compliant ruler (Zelensky style) who would negotiate away Russian independence and take them into the EU so the multinationals could take over their "markets".

A lot of people BELIEVED that Brexit would bring forth a new age of self-sufficiency, but with the Tories in charge (with their support for importing rather than home produce) this wasn't going to be allowed to happen.
Without greater self-sufficiency (protectionism, economic nationalism - call it what we will) Brexit cannot work.

Saturday 25 February 2023

 A lot is said about "Populism" in the media.

The liberal elite hate it and use it as a slur, so we adopted the name with pride. It is a badge of honour...
Whether it is homeless veterans, child abuse, the power of the global elite or the betrayal of Brexit we will stand up for those (currently) with no voice.
We are radical. Radical enough to oppose big business, multinationals, the CBI, the TUC, NATO and the UN.
We'll fight for ecology, the green belt - against the developers. We'll defend jobs and services, and oppose privatisation.
We are nationalist but not imperialist
We are neutralist, not pacifist
For democracy, but not liberalism
For localism, not globalism
Conservative, but not for extreme "capitalism"
For the worker, but not Marxist
For ecology, but opposed to the anti-British "Green" Party
Against multiculturalism, but not based upon hatred.
We supported Brexit. But we aren't like the Brexit Party/Reform UK because if one looks at the people who became its MEPs they are very much of the elite, libertarians and Thatcherites, despite the party portraying itself as beyond left-right description, and we predict that it will probably merge with the Tories should the Tories ever more back to their previous pre-Cameron image and policies.
The Populist Party is the best vehicle to continue the "people's revolution" that UKIP began, because we really intend to take down the powers that be, rather than tinker with the system. Become a Populist.

Thursday 23 February 2023

 Join the Populist Party today. Send a cheque or postal order to our HQ at... 11 The Orchards, Landkey, North Devon. EX32 0QP.

 Or pay us by B.A.C.S. sort code 20-98-57
Account Number 20332798.  It is only £5 per year, though extra donations on top are welcome....

 No tomatoes in the shops. And yet.... we have the capacity to grow tomatoes in the UK using the most up to date technology to create Mediterranean conditions in greenhouses....

So, is this a "Brexit" problem, or is it one of the UK failing to even TRY to go for greater self-sufficiency since Brexit? The latter, in my opinion, and it is deliberate - to make people feel that this country is incapable of standing on its own.