Wednesday 29 November 2017

Theresa May's game plan.

To make Brexit unpopular with both sides by surrendering over the Brexit divorce bill..

The die-hard Remainers will say that far from us saving money each year it will continue to cost us, but without the "benefits" (in their eyes) of EU membership.

And (she hopes) the Leave vote. rs will about turn on the issue and back a last minute 2nd referendum in the payments prevent us from clawing back the billions that Brexit was meant to have saved the British taxpayer...
WE know where the blame lies - with the old parties - all 3

1) For a stitch up referendum in which the Tories were chosen by the
Electoral Commission to represent both sides. Cameron v Boris.

2) For giving the EU the opportunity to continue to bleed us dry and be portrayed as the victim in the costly divorce.

3) For the Tory annexation of UKIP, so that no viable anti-EU party with money or mass membership could fight them. UKIP councillors have deserted the party in droves and it is likely that the MEPs will follow suit once their EU funding dries up...

This is a stitch up of the biggest kind. And it needs punishing.

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