Tuesday 8 August 2017

What We Support:

· A government that will put the national interest first.

· Leaving the EU, but keeping the workers' conditions it legislated for.

· Ending open borders, and stopping immigration, so our services are
able to cope and our identity preserved.

· Withdrawing from NATO, but keeping our nuclear deterrent. An
independent foreign policy for Britain. Become a neutral country like

· Public ownership of the utilities – gas, electricity, water, coal – and an
NHS that is free at the point of use.

· Clampdown on corporate tax avoidance. Bring the banking system
into public ownership to provide necessary credit to ordinary people,
to increasing national investment, and eliminate the national debt and
austerity measures.

· The introduction of a Basic Income Scheme to top up low wages and
deter social security fraud. Fair pay for an honest day’s work.

· Developing self-sufficient agriculture and fishing industries in Britain.

· Tougher treatment of criminals; no more open prisons, soft
sentencing or early release of prisoners. Life sentences to mean life.
No release for child molesters and murderers.

· Greater discipline in schools. Traditional methods of education and
an emphasis on subjects that can be used in the workplace. No to
citizenship lessons and sex education that can be used to
indoctrinate pupils.

· Government controls over the price of rent, fuel and public transport.

What We Oppose :

· The “me-first” crass consumerism culture of modern America and its
replacement of traditional British values and culture.

· TTIP, the EU-US Trade Agreement which threatens our NHS.

· Intervention in the Middle East in support of Israel.

· VAT – which hits the poorest the most.

· Money transfer firms that drain our economy as money made here is
spent overseas.

· The financial advantage of political parties that are funded by unions
or business. We say only their members should fund them.

· Greedy developers who use open borders as an excuse to build on
our countryside.

· Big business using immigration to avoid training and employing local
workers on a fair wage.

· Supermarkets and chain stores having unfair advantages over small

· Liberals, globalisation, religious fanaticism, political correctness.

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