Monday 26 November 2018

At last! The Populist Party has a website.

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(1) Making the justice system tougher

(2) Having tighter restrictions on immigration

(3) Stopping military interventions in other countries by leaving NATO.

(4) Introducing tougher regulation of big business - proper control over mergers and monopolies.

(5) Full employment

(6) A true Brexit which removes the UK from the ECJ and stops the EU bleeding us dry even AFTER we have left. A Brexit which protects the British worker from Third World undercutting on wages and prices.

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Thursday 15 November 2018

The Populist Party stands opposed to globalisation.
What does globalisation mean to the British people?
1) Goods that could be made here are instead imported.
The globalists say that this provides cheaper goods, as they can be made cheaper in the far East, where wages are low, and worker conditions poor. What they don't mention is the massive cost in providing welfare for the people who, if not for globalism, would be working in factories making these goods in the UK, rather than on the dole.
2) The High Street is hit hard.
Globalists claim that goods made in poor nations are cheaper. However, if they were made by British workers, then our workers would have more money to buy items in the shops. Not only that, but if the wages for production are going to someone abroad, they will be spent in foreign shops, not those in the UK.
And the importation of labour, often on the minimum wage, makes the situation even worse, because a large proportion of their wages head off to their country of origin, to be spent by relatives there, rather than in our economy. That's why we support heavy tax on money transfer.
3) Globalisation damages democracy.
Globalisation, in the form of multinational business, means that nations are fearful of the chance that these companies will pull out of their country if the elected representatives fail to do their bidding. So, we support the concept of co-operatives, self-employment and smaller locally owned business as an economic model - if you have a stake in the economy you will not pull out, and workers will have better job security. That helps the economy. People with security are able to make longer term financial decisions.
That's just three reasons why YOU should oppose Globalisation. There are many other reasons, that are well documented - like immigration which causes a squeeze on housing, on school and hospital places, on the green belt, and on jobs. Immigration is part of globalisation too.
Find out more about the Populist Party. We propose protection of our workers against global competition as OUR Brexit strategy. We propose breaking down the economy into smaller businesses (including media ownership) by using monopoly and merger legislation and generous tax incentives for the small business.

Thursday 8 November 2018

"Communities across the UK have told Britain’s first counter-extremism commissioner that they are increasingly facing “a climate of intolerance and polarisation”.
"Speaking several months into a nationwide investigation to quantify the scale and reach of extremism, Sara Khan said she had been shocked by the depth of disquiet expressed to her by the residents of the 13 towns and cities she has so far visited."
"Khan, appointed by Theresa May in the wake of the Manchester Arena attack, told the Observer: “I was really shocked that in every place I visited I heard deep concerns about the activity and impact of the far right."
As per the Observer website....

--- Wow! This one passed me by. Theresa May appointed Sara Khan to respond to extremism following the Manchester Arena attack, but who carried out the attack? It wasn't the so-called "far right" (code language for white people who oppose multiculturalism). The bomber was Salman Ramadan Abedi, a 22-year-old man of Libyan ancestry. Yet, Khan, instead of investigating within the Islamic population investigates the "far right".

Of course, this is no surprise, as within hours of Savid Javid becoming Home Secretary, Tommy Robinson was in jail. Another so called member of the "far right"......

"Matthew Feldman, director of the centre for fascist, anti-fascist and post-fascist studies at Teesside University, said he was not surprised by Khan’s initial findings: “I think this is the most propitious time for the radical right since the end of the second world war, that hasn’t yet translated into activists, members or a party that might be able to overcome the first-past-the-post system.”

Khan added: “Youth workers in the south feared vulnerable young people could easily be sucked into a world of hatred. In the north, refugees and those from a minority background spoke of their fear of leaving their home during far-right marches.”
Perhaps, though, white people fear leaving their home on a regular basis, and are forced out of their homes due to the influx of people who hate them? Will Khan examine that form of extremism? No.

Theresa May described the Commission as "a statutory body to help fight hatred and extremism in the same way as we have fought racism."

Appointing Sara Khan to the position is like putting Jeremy Corbyn in charge of tackling Antifa!
I find I can often identify political opponents by their view of the past. There are two groups (and a smaller number believe in a mixture of the 2 main opinions).

Group 1
1) The police were more respected and more effective in the past. Sure, the methods they used were tough, but they got results.
2) Education in the past provided results. Students learned discipline and it prepared them to go to work.
3) Censorship of swearing, sex and violence in the media, prevented society from becoming coarser and more dangerous.
4) Music was more joyous. It lifted the spirits. Modern music is less melodic and more downbeat.
5) Comedy was more light hearted and less "political". Most people could see the funny side of stereotypes, because they were based upon real people, but with some exaggeration for comic effect.
6) People could live in the same area for many years, knowing it would not alter rapidly in a short space of time.
7) People stayed in the same industry for years because once your had a skill you could always find employment.
Group 2
1) Policing in the 1970s was "racist", "sexist" etc. The type of policemen depicted on TV shows like The Sweeney and Life On Mars are thankfully being weeded out. Policing is now more inclusive of minorities and based upon mutual consent.
2) Education in the past was too focused upon results, rather than developing the whole person. The system was too strict and upset those who did not perform, so today's idea of "everyone must have rewards - no winners or losers" is kinder.
3) Censorship of swearing, sex and violence in the media presented an unrealistic view of life. Those in the arts were stifled by the likes of Mary Whitehouse, who imposed Christian morality on the media...
4) Music was frivolous, lacking depth. Modern music dealt with social issues rather simply than love and romance between a man and a woman.
5) TV comedy relied upon outmoded stereotypes of black people (Black and White Minstrels, Love Thy Neighbour), women and homosexuals (Carry on Films). Today's comedy is socially relevant and only hurts the bigot and the xenophobe.
6) People lived in the same area for years because of a lack of "social mobility". Housing had "no dogs, no blacks, no Irish" signs in the window. Now minority groups can move wherever they wish, and eventually there will be no all white areas.
7) People were stuck in the same industry for years without progressing. Technology has meant that people now retrain every few years, to keep themselves employable so the economy does not stagnate.

--- Is this a fair reflection of the key cultural mindset divide?
A bonfire in Leeds has left people furious after it appeared to burn a Union Flag as part of the display. The UK flag was attached to the top of a mast stuck in the wood pile at the Thorner Bonfire and Fireworks Festival on Saturday, November 3. ‘They had the flag on the top, with two Guy Fawkes underneath.

"Organisers of the event have since explained their decision to burn the Union Flag, also known as a Union Jack when flown at sea, by stating that it was damaged"
"A spokesperson said: ‘[The fall out] has all been dealt with. ‘The Union Jack was damaged and it is perfectly suitable to burn a damaged Union Jack."
"According to The Flag Institute, any flag that is no longer suitable for use should be ‘destroyed in a dignified way’. The site continues that this includes ‘burning, tearing or cutting [it] into strips that no longer resemble the original flag’.
Well thanks for nothing to "The Flag Institute" who have now given Islamicists, Scottish Nationalists, the IRA, Communists etc an excuse to burn a "damaged" Union flag (damaged/ripped in private before they burn it) ......
As for Theresa May - she latched onto the burning of an effigy of Grenfell Towers (a private video posted on social media), yet so far has said nothing about the burning of our NATIONAL FLAG at a PUBLIC Bonfire and Fireworks Festival......
Stephen Fry

“So here we are, blind as moles, engaged in ugly, unappealing struggles of identity politics, nationhood and other such fatuous, outmoded notions, while the planet on which we depend for life is gasping for air and a technological tsunami threatens to engulf us and redefine us without our consent,” said Mr Fry.
Reminder for Mr Fry. .. .
Nationhood does not cause ecological disasters. 
It could be argued that globalisation in the form of multinationals that are MORE powerful than nation states is more harmful to the environment. And the Communist system is no better - with China's record on the environment and the Soviet Union's Chernobyl disaster.
Does he even know what Classical liberalism is? It is economic libertarianism. The system that removes environmental and monopoly legislation, that scraps the green belt in favour of profit.
Small is beautiful said E F Schumacher. Small nations, small-scale living, microeconomics. Take away nations and identities, reducing mankind to materialistic consumerism where corporations are the hidden global government and environmental disaster will ensue.....