Tuesday 18 December 2018

Let''s remember that the official Tory policy was to oppose Brexit (they even sent out a propaganda booklet to every home). Cameron lost to a coalition of Labour Leave, UKIP and "some" Tories (Boris and Gove).

Because the Tory cabinet lost the vote they (grudgingly) had to proceed with implementing the policy. However, they picked a remain supporter to succeed Cameron, and she in turn created a Brexit policy designed to appeal to both the Leave and Remain camps, rather than the winning side.

The problem is that there is not a political party in parliament that represents the 52% who voted to scrap the Treaty of Rome. If there were then it could be trusted to push through what people voted for.

Such a party may not be in favour of allowing hardship on the current scale, because it would be largely comprised of the poor (the people who voted for Brexit - those the political commentators disparagingly class as "left behind", as if sudden wealth would make them turn into remainers.....)

Thursday 13 December 2018

No Deal Brexit: the REAL reason the EU fears it. In layman's terms.

1) The EU wishes to control and negotiate trade deals on behalf of national governments but EU businesses that wish to trade with the UK will seek to by-pass the EU and continue to trade with the UK.

2) Businessmen are in business to make a profit. Given the choice between adhering to EU diktats that may prevent lucrative trade with the UK, or ignoring them, the businesses will choose the latter option.

3) If the EU is seen as hitting their profits, as a result of lost trade with the UK, then EU businessmen affected will lose faith in the EU and provide financial support to Eurosceptics.

4) In this country, if there is a scarcity of certain products; if imports become more expensive due to EU tariffs, then a void will appear that needs filling. That's how private enterprise works - that's what the Tories always used to tell us....

Scarcity will lead to demand. That demand will be filled by British businesses producing local equivalents at a cheaper price (no internal tariffs). The banks will fund this due to guaranteed profits due to decreased competition. .

5) The needs for manufacturing in a "no deal" scenario will shift the economic focus away from services and finance, effectively killing the neoliberal model in the UK and increasing the power of the working class. As more people HAVE to "buy British" the demand will decrease UK unemployment too, meaning a sharp reduction in the amount of welfare assistance the government has to supply. That will release funds for investment.

6) A NO DEAL Brexit would mean no more money to the EU - which would finance the scrapping of VAT thus making UK goods cheaper, would allow a reduction in national debt and many other economy boosting measures - making a self-reliant Britain more likely.

7) And lastly, If the UK shows it can be more self-reliant, with home production, other nations will not fear leaving the EU. We could see the collapse of the EU.

This is the upshot of last night's vote.

1) The Tories are stuck with Theresa May until March 29th 2019.

2) Any General Election between now and then would be fought with her as leader, not a Boris or David Davies figure...

3) That means a potential loss of votes to "No Deal" Brexit parties, which could be sufficient to lose them seats.

4) Knowing that, if the Labour Party calls a vote of no confidence in the government every single Tory MP will vote with Theresa May, regardless of how they voted in the leadership election.

5) If Labour tries and fails to topple the weakest PM in a generation, then they will end up discredited in the eyes of their members.

6) Therefore the chances of an advanced General Election are lessened.

7) On 12/12/18 Tory MPs weren't just voting about May as a leader. It was more about her version of Brexit. They knew that her replacement could have supported "no deal", but if they voted for THAT then sufficient Tory Remain MPs would have departed the party to join the Lib Dems or perhaps another Remain party, leaving the existing Tories with a better policy, but so depleted in MPs that the government would have been ousted by the opposition (swelled by the Tory defectors).

8) Therefore the next Tory leader will be in the same mould as Theresa May, judging by the voting stats, and will back the Chequers Deal.

9) The 37% NO DEAL wing of the Tories are damned now. If they leave the party, the government falls. If they stay, then they are to be viewed as propping the treacherous 63% who backed a deal that the people did not vote for.

10. Conclusion - unless a Tory MP resigns from the party before next March they are complicit in this Chequers Deal and as guilty as those who watered down what people voted for (the Repeal of the Treaty of Rome).

Monday 26 November 2018

At last! The Populist Party has a website.

Go to http://www.populistparty.co.uk/


(1) Making the justice system tougher

(2) Having tighter restrictions on immigration

(3) Stopping military interventions in other countries by leaving NATO.

(4) Introducing tougher regulation of big business - proper control over mergers and monopolies.

(5) Full employment

(6) A true Brexit which removes the UK from the ECJ and stops the EU bleeding us dry even AFTER we have left. A Brexit which protects the British worker from Third World undercutting on wages and prices.

Join the Populists.......

Thursday 15 November 2018

The Populist Party stands opposed to globalisation.
What does globalisation mean to the British people?
1) Goods that could be made here are instead imported.
The globalists say that this provides cheaper goods, as they can be made cheaper in the far East, where wages are low, and worker conditions poor. What they don't mention is the massive cost in providing welfare for the people who, if not for globalism, would be working in factories making these goods in the UK, rather than on the dole.
2) The High Street is hit hard.
Globalists claim that goods made in poor nations are cheaper. However, if they were made by British workers, then our workers would have more money to buy items in the shops. Not only that, but if the wages for production are going to someone abroad, they will be spent in foreign shops, not those in the UK.
And the importation of labour, often on the minimum wage, makes the situation even worse, because a large proportion of their wages head off to their country of origin, to be spent by relatives there, rather than in our economy. That's why we support heavy tax on money transfer.
3) Globalisation damages democracy.
Globalisation, in the form of multinational business, means that nations are fearful of the chance that these companies will pull out of their country if the elected representatives fail to do their bidding. So, we support the concept of co-operatives, self-employment and smaller locally owned business as an economic model - if you have a stake in the economy you will not pull out, and workers will have better job security. That helps the economy. People with security are able to make longer term financial decisions.
That's just three reasons why YOU should oppose Globalisation. There are many other reasons, that are well documented - like immigration which causes a squeeze on housing, on school and hospital places, on the green belt, and on jobs. Immigration is part of globalisation too.
Find out more about the Populist Party. We propose protection of our workers against global competition as OUR Brexit strategy. We propose breaking down the economy into smaller businesses (including media ownership) by using monopoly and merger legislation and generous tax incentives for the small business.

Thursday 8 November 2018

"Communities across the UK have told Britain’s first counter-extremism commissioner that they are increasingly facing “a climate of intolerance and polarisation”.
"Speaking several months into a nationwide investigation to quantify the scale and reach of extremism, Sara Khan said she had been shocked by the depth of disquiet expressed to her by the residents of the 13 towns and cities she has so far visited."
"Khan, appointed by Theresa May in the wake of the Manchester Arena attack, told the Observer: “I was really shocked that in every place I visited I heard deep concerns about the activity and impact of the far right."
As per the Observer website....

--- Wow! This one passed me by. Theresa May appointed Sara Khan to respond to extremism following the Manchester Arena attack, but who carried out the attack? It wasn't the so-called "far right" (code language for white people who oppose multiculturalism). The bomber was Salman Ramadan Abedi, a 22-year-old man of Libyan ancestry. Yet, Khan, instead of investigating within the Islamic population investigates the "far right".

Of course, this is no surprise, as within hours of Savid Javid becoming Home Secretary, Tommy Robinson was in jail. Another so called member of the "far right"......

"Matthew Feldman, director of the centre for fascist, anti-fascist and post-fascist studies at Teesside University, said he was not surprised by Khan’s initial findings: “I think this is the most propitious time for the radical right since the end of the second world war, that hasn’t yet translated into activists, members or a party that might be able to overcome the first-past-the-post system.”

Khan added: “Youth workers in the south feared vulnerable young people could easily be sucked into a world of hatred. In the north, refugees and those from a minority background spoke of their fear of leaving their home during far-right marches.”
Perhaps, though, white people fear leaving their home on a regular basis, and are forced out of their homes due to the influx of people who hate them? Will Khan examine that form of extremism? No.

Theresa May described the Commission as "a statutory body to help fight hatred and extremism in the same way as we have fought racism."

Appointing Sara Khan to the position is like putting Jeremy Corbyn in charge of tackling Antifa!
I find I can often identify political opponents by their view of the past. There are two groups (and a smaller number believe in a mixture of the 2 main opinions).

Group 1
1) The police were more respected and more effective in the past. Sure, the methods they used were tough, but they got results.
2) Education in the past provided results. Students learned discipline and it prepared them to go to work.
3) Censorship of swearing, sex and violence in the media, prevented society from becoming coarser and more dangerous.
4) Music was more joyous. It lifted the spirits. Modern music is less melodic and more downbeat.
5) Comedy was more light hearted and less "political". Most people could see the funny side of stereotypes, because they were based upon real people, but with some exaggeration for comic effect.
6) People could live in the same area for many years, knowing it would not alter rapidly in a short space of time.
7) People stayed in the same industry for years because once your had a skill you could always find employment.
Group 2
1) Policing in the 1970s was "racist", "sexist" etc. The type of policemen depicted on TV shows like The Sweeney and Life On Mars are thankfully being weeded out. Policing is now more inclusive of minorities and based upon mutual consent.
2) Education in the past was too focused upon results, rather than developing the whole person. The system was too strict and upset those who did not perform, so today's idea of "everyone must have rewards - no winners or losers" is kinder.
3) Censorship of swearing, sex and violence in the media presented an unrealistic view of life. Those in the arts were stifled by the likes of Mary Whitehouse, who imposed Christian morality on the media...
4) Music was frivolous, lacking depth. Modern music dealt with social issues rather simply than love and romance between a man and a woman.
5) TV comedy relied upon outmoded stereotypes of black people (Black and White Minstrels, Love Thy Neighbour), women and homosexuals (Carry on Films). Today's comedy is socially relevant and only hurts the bigot and the xenophobe.
6) People lived in the same area for years because of a lack of "social mobility". Housing had "no dogs, no blacks, no Irish" signs in the window. Now minority groups can move wherever they wish, and eventually there will be no all white areas.
7) People were stuck in the same industry for years without progressing. Technology has meant that people now retrain every few years, to keep themselves employable so the economy does not stagnate.

--- Is this a fair reflection of the key cultural mindset divide?
A bonfire in Leeds has left people furious after it appeared to burn a Union Flag as part of the display. The UK flag was attached to the top of a mast stuck in the wood pile at the Thorner Bonfire and Fireworks Festival on Saturday, November 3. ‘They had the flag on the top, with two Guy Fawkes underneath.

"Organisers of the event have since explained their decision to burn the Union Flag, also known as a Union Jack when flown at sea, by stating that it was damaged"
"A spokesperson said: ‘[The fall out] has all been dealt with. ‘The Union Jack was damaged and it is perfectly suitable to burn a damaged Union Jack."
"According to The Flag Institute, any flag that is no longer suitable for use should be ‘destroyed in a dignified way’. The site continues that this includes ‘burning, tearing or cutting [it] into strips that no longer resemble the original flag’.
Well thanks for nothing to "The Flag Institute" who have now given Islamicists, Scottish Nationalists, the IRA, Communists etc an excuse to burn a "damaged" Union flag (damaged/ripped in private before they burn it) ......
As for Theresa May - she latched onto the burning of an effigy of Grenfell Towers (a private video posted on social media), yet so far has said nothing about the burning of our NATIONAL FLAG at a PUBLIC Bonfire and Fireworks Festival......
Stephen Fry

“So here we are, blind as moles, engaged in ugly, unappealing struggles of identity politics, nationhood and other such fatuous, outmoded notions, while the planet on which we depend for life is gasping for air and a technological tsunami threatens to engulf us and redefine us without our consent,” said Mr Fry.
Reminder for Mr Fry. .. .
Nationhood does not cause ecological disasters. 
It could be argued that globalisation in the form of multinationals that are MORE powerful than nation states is more harmful to the environment. And the Communist system is no better - with China's record on the environment and the Soviet Union's Chernobyl disaster.
Does he even know what Classical liberalism is? It is economic libertarianism. The system that removes environmental and monopoly legislation, that scraps the green belt in favour of profit.
Small is beautiful said E F Schumacher. Small nations, small-scale living, microeconomics. Take away nations and identities, reducing mankind to materialistic consumerism where corporations are the hidden global government and environmental disaster will ensue.....

Thursday 11 October 2018

Companies may be forced to reveal their ethnicity pay gap under plans unveiled by the prime minister to help minorities at work."

"Theresa May has launched a consultation on whether mandatory reporting will help address disparities between the pay and career prospects of minorities."

"She acknowledged that minorities often "feel like they are hitting a brick wall" at work."

1) The Tories are now cultural Marxists, fully committed to diversity measures. This is what would have been proposed by Ken Livingstone in the GLC back in the 1980s, when he and his cronies were known as the "loony Left". Now the Tories are "loony left".

2) Meritocracy was always the Tories' mantra, but diversity targets and employment on merit are clearly incompatible.

If you feel that political correctness should not decide who gets a job and how much they are paid, then support the Populist Party.

Sunday 2 September 2018

A way to make business think twice about importing overseas labour.....
Create a law that all imported labour must have their children's education, healthcare paid for by the company that employs them, rather than the state and for the company to pay for the visas and rents, rather than the imported employee.

Saturday 1 September 2018

What kind of society allows schools where the disruptive bully runs the classroom, and the ultimate punishment for bad behaviour is removal to a school with more facilities & attention than is available to the well-behaved left behind?
What kind of society allows our old people in care to have to sell their homes they worked for all their lives, threatens to cut the pensions of the future elderly, yet rewards the work shy, the wastrel, and the criminal with incentives to live off their neighbours, whilst the real poor go without?
What kind of society allows yobs to control our streets, to rape our daughters and attack our sons.
There’s a civil war going on in our land, but there are no armies - just innocent people being maimed and killed daily by thugs and molested by perverts who no longer fear a police force that is being neutered by political correctness. Think that’s too strong?
Read the papers, watch the news and remember.
Remember the children who died at the hands of sick evil men and women over the years. More each year...
Remember every old soldier whose last moments were not at the hands of an enemy during the war, but at those of the generation he fought to save from tyranny and mass murder.
That’s the kind of society we live in. A “dysfunctional society” where nothing works.
Given the will, the people could change the country within a short time. But it means tough action. It means rolling back the “human rights” legislation that allows terrorists and other vicious criminals to roam free.It means scrapping useless open prisons, life meaning life for child killers and serial killers.
If we want a safe society where little children can play safely and old people can go out at night we need to change the way we think. That means a backlash against liberal attitudes. It means putting the victim first, and outlawing the pressure groups that push for a soft deal for law breakers.
The only party that can be trusted to defend the children, the vulnerable, is the Populist Party.
Not controlled by the establishment - no vested interests; an open and grass-roots party of the people.
Populist Party, 11 Greensleeves Avenue, Broadstone, Dorset, BH18 8BJ. £5 membership (12 months).

Saturday 18 August 2018

Here's a dilemma some may face. 

They've enjoyed Populist Party posts on this page, they heard how the party is growing in Sunderland and they like our policies, but they still look to UKIP to provide the breakthrough in British politics..

We fully understand the reasons for this. People want quick results and a rejection of the Theresa May version of Brexit which ties us to the EU, what some have described as BRINO (Brexit In Name Only).

So people, while preferring our policies, may be hoping for a UKIP comeback in the polls, as that party is well known and (currently) larger. They may dislike the Tories to the extent that they have never voted for them, and if they have it is grudgingly.

So, for those reading this it may be a case of where do I head - Populist or UKIP?

We feel that decision will soon be made for people who like UKIP, but dislike the Tories.

We believe that the Boris Burka enquiry will fall short of expulsion, and that will give him the opportunity to rid the Tories (and the country) of Theresa May through a successful challenge for the leadership of the Conservatives.

We believe that a Boris victory would whittle the choice of UKIP or Populist Party down to one, as he would most likely broker a deal with a Farage-led UKIP (as it will be once Gerard's term expires) to merge into a new Conservative and Independence Party (or some such name).

This makes perfect sense for both as UKIP's version of Brexit is little different (if at all) to Boris's (unlike our Protectionist workers' Brexit).

Boris will wish to remove a potential split vote, and the UKIP MEPs, once they lose their seats after Brexit, will seek to be Conservative-Independence candidates in 2022.

We urge those reading this to pre-empt this likely event by joining the Populist Party, to work to create a new opposition to the Tories that is traditional and worker-oriented, in place of the Labour Party...

Don't wait until UKIP is submerged into a Boris-led Mark 2 Tory party. Act now, and sign up to the Populists.....
There should be a compensation register to prevent serial litigants making a living from being offended & receiving compensation.
UKIP's forthcoming split - Nigel Farage v Gerard Batten. 

Gerard feels he's been doing a good job, bringing in new people to his party, and preventing them from heading into bankruptcy.
We are inclined to agree.
However, whenever Nigel Farage speaks he makes the news.
Which is why we believe he would win a leadership contest, despite Populist Party leader Russell White conducting a poll of FB friends (Gerard v Nigel who would you choose?) favouring Gerard by 90%
Those UKIP members not on FB have a vote for the leadership too, and they do not get their news from FB, but instead see Nigel's grandstanding performances on TV and make their minds up from that.
Nigel would win the leadership, and if Boris defeats May, to become Tory leader, then the two will begin merger negotiations.
UKIP could firstly split, between the Gerard and Nigel factions, and then dissolve what's left into a Tory-UKIP party (perhaps called the Conservative Alliance?). This is likely because:
1) UKIP MEPs will wish to find seats in the House of Commons (as Tories in all but name).
2) Boris will wish to prevent a split vote between his party and UKIP that might allow a Labour victory (or Labour being the larger party and working with the SNP)
- We say that there needs to be a radical patriot party that:
1) Supports a Brexit which isn't neoliberal or globalist
2) Will take protectionist moves to defend our workers
3) Plans bring British industry back into British ownership
4) Will reform the money lending (usury) system
5) Is ecological, anti-fracking, for a clean earth
6) Will prohibit overseas ownership of our transport,
energy, NHS etc
7) Make the financial sector pay off the national debt, not
ordinary workers.
8) Will keep the UK out of the Middle East wars

UKIP won't be around much longer for the reasons we mentioned above, the Tories will continue to stand for the richest and most powerful, and Labour is due to split between its Blairite Euro-fanatics and Corbynite hard left, leaving "old Labour" patriotic socialists (people like Kate Hoey and Frank Field) without a political home.
Come to us. Build a successor to both UKIP and the Labour Party that will challenge the existing political set up
.Join the Populists today!

11 Greensleeves Avenue, Broadstone, Dorset, BH18 8BJ.
Now just £5 membership per year.

Tuesday 26 June 2018

Pro-EU fanatics often spout the lie that the people are too uneducated to have a vote on issues like Brexit. That we know too little about politics to be trusted in a referendum.

But if that is the case, then why do they not advocate abolishing General Elections? After all, if we are too dim to vote in a referendum, then we are also unfit to select people to vote on our behalf.

And another thing.... what about juries? After all, people are chosen to decide a verdict, without a degree in law, perhaps not educated enough to make an informed decision. How come they don't openly call for the abolition of juries, if they think the masses are incapable???
"The UK will have to significantly increase defence spending if it is to maintain influence with Washington and Nato allies, MPs have warned."
"A Commons Defence Committee report says the defence budget should rise from 2% of GDP (£40bn) to 3% (£60bn)."
"The committee said the extra money for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) could be spent on increasing the readiness of the armed forces and to bolster Britain's anti-submarine warfare to counter possible threats from Russia."
1) "Influence" translates to "telling other nations how to run their own affairs and invading them in order to make them "liberal democracies" (often with disastrous consequences, as he have seen in the Middle East)
2) "Possible threats from Russia" - Russia is trying to defend European civilisation from Radical Islam, multiculturalism and Cultural Marxism.
They aren't the enemy - our political class is.....
3) People complain about the financial cost of being in the EU, but what about the cost of being in NATO? Neutrality, and not sticking our noses into the Middle East; spending money only on armed forces capable of defending our borders is a far cheaper option.

Monday 25 June 2018

1. Supports open borders, so that local workers are replaced by those from poorer nations, thereby depressing wages and increasing the numbers applying for jobs.
2. Supports mass unemployment, so that there are more workers applying for each job, meaning there are more to choose from and the more desperate workforce is willing to accept worse pay and conditions in order to secure that job.
3. Supports an increasing population, so that there is more demand for housing, and more pressure on government to relinquish green belt land, parks, playing fields and golf courses for new development. Big businesses destroy the environment.
4. Encourages personal debt, entices people to buy items they do not need, to "keep up with the Joneses" and generally remain in the control of the banks.
5. Buys influence over our elected politicians by funding their campaigns in return for "favours". Blackmails the voter with threats to disinvest if government does not pursue "business-friendly" policies.
6. Supports "free trade", which really means the production of goods by sweated labour in the Third World, rather than employing our people on fair pay and conditions. These imports undercut products made in our factories causing our people yet more unemployment (which, as already mentioned is part of big businesses' way of keeping the workforce servile).
7. Seeks to monopolise the economy by wiping out the small trader in price wars with loyalty cards and bulk buying. As small independent traders close, our High Streets become "clone towns" with each becoming much the same as another, up and down the country.
8. Promotes the privatisation of our utilities (water, gas, electricity) so it can control every aspect of life.

------ It is time to create a new movement that will campaign for public ownership of essential services, to restore the fortunes of the small business, and to break down big business into smaller locally owned units. Join the Populist Party TODAY! 
The next copy of Vox Populist magazine is due soon. Order your copy today by contacting the Populist Party on 07577531407.
RE: EU Single Market.
We cannot have free trade with the EU as a bloc, because of the various standards of living within the EU.
If the EU were confined to those countries with a national average wage comparable to ours then, yes, it would be a viable proposition, BUT it includes Romania, Bulgaria and the Baltic States. Their national average wage, being that much lower than ours, means that goods made in those nations will undercut ours. Hence we need taxes on goods from those nations to create a level playing field in trade. But the EU will not allow free trade with Germany and France whilst having tariffs on Bulgaria and Romania.
Had the EU been simply a trading bloc between the UK, France, Germany, Scandinavian and Benelux nations with perhaps Italy and Iberian nations involved, with no open borders, no transnational laws, no waste, no fishing or agricultural quotas then people may have been happy to stay, but it isn't and many who voted to join, have voted to leave an organisation that barely resembles the old EEC.
In short - the EU "did it to themselves".......

Thursday 7 June 2018

Unlike UKIP we can tap into remainer fears over:

a) Competition and undercutting by developing nations outside the EU.
b) Reduced Health and Safety...
c) The working time directive...
e) Subsidies for our farmers
f) Matching the EU current regional development post Brexit (and outlining that it is OUR money that they use).

PP policy offers a protectionism that current EU supporters may find more palatable than the "global Britain" proposed by the Tories and UKIP. Much of the Labour pro-EU vote was based upon a feeling that the EU could provide protection against neo-liberalism, Thatcherism and deregulation.

We can persuade them that the realistic choice for them post-Brexit, is to side with a Protectionism outside the EU that continues to favour trade with developed nations over the developing/undeveloped ones (initially Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, and eventually any EU nation that breaks free from the EU), but with the bonus of free trade with Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

We will reach out beyond the 52%, because though a proportion of them (mainly in wealthier areas) will be diametrically opposed to our economics, another proportion of the Remain vote (in the less well-off areas) voted out of fear of the unknown, based upon concerns over points a) to f) as outlined above.

Friday 25 May 2018

The 2018-19 Populist Party executive election has taken place, with the following result. 

The successful candidates are as follows:

Party Leader -    Russell White
Deputy Leader - Tony Morrow
Party Chairman and Treasurer - Lee Consterdine 
Deputy Chairman - Min (Ellen) Davies
Membership Secretary and Nominating Officer - Michele Caruana

The Following members of the Executive (non-portfolio) were also elected

  1. Richard Boyce
  2. Aileen Casey
  3. Reece Haynes
  4. Dick Vardy
  5. Ian Gander
  6. Chris Eynon 
  7. Jason Branton 
  8. Brian Clare 
  9. Jonothon Boulter
  10. Andrew Williams

Congratulations to all those elected. 
Who gets forgotten by every government? 

The self-employed and the small business. Why? Because bigger businesses have the clout that goes with big money donations to political parties that will do their bidding.

Not only do we need to break the corruption inherent in parties being funded by business and unions, but we also need to break down those businesses into smaller units.

Is it right that the same department stores and supermarkets operate in high streets across the country. It is getting worse - the number of "clone towns" is growing each year, with each high street effectively the same.....

Now, some may say "who cares as long as I can get food to eat at a reasonable price", but from a democratic perspective it skews elections and makes politicians beholden to the big forces.

From a small enterprise perspective the self employed builder and plumber cannot compete with a large concern that can charge lower prices, employ cheap labour (often from abroad) and monopolise the industry even though he may provide the classier service and skilled attention to detail....

The small shop often cannot compete, unless it is a niche outlet (ethnic food etc). Eventually 5 or 6 big corporations will run all retail food outlets... Essentially monopoly capitalism has the same effects as communism - a restriction of consumer choice in certain spheres of the economy.

The more of us stop being self-employed or in small enterprises the less private enterprise means to people - and guess what? When that happens people turn to Marxists like Mr Corbyn, because they no longer have a stake in the economy and instead of trying to branch out on their own, striving for self-reliance, they find their efforts crushed by the big forces.

We need monopoly control. We need a ban on most mergers. We need a tax system that massively favours small enterprise over big business. We need far more individual retailers - butchers, bakers etc rather than these being provided by the hypermarkets...

We need to reverse the trend and become the "nation of shopkeepers and artisans that we once were".......

Please share this text on social media and join the Populist Party today.
Send £5 to the Populist Party, 11 Greensleeves Avenue, Broadstone, Dorset, BH18 8BJ.
Localism works for ordinary people. Decentralisation is best for those most vulnerable. Here's a few examples......

1). A family moves from one location to another to ensure their child has a better education.... Then the local council decides to close the two schools, and merge them into one. The family is back to square one, due to centralisation.

2) Two libraries exist. One in the West of town, and one in the East. Mrs Goggins is frail and cannot get out much, but she can pop to the library in the West as it is very near to her. But the council decides to merge the two libraries as part of their "efficiency" plan. Now Mrs Goggins has to get a bus to reach the central library, but the bus stop is too far to walk to so she rarely goes there.

3) Many local railway stations served local communities up until the 1960s. Though they were "loss making" they did provide transport for those without cars. Then, in the 1960s the governments gave Dr Beeching the thankless task of deciding which to keep and which to close. His name became reviled in rural England for decades afterwards, though the people who hatched the plan remained anonymous...

4) Hospitals: Centralisation means that local people have to travel further for routine treatment. And if there is a "hospital bug" more patients are affected..

5) Fire service: I'd rather not wait for the fire brigade to travel miles while I wait for them to put out the blaze. Local fire stations mean they can reach you more quickly...

-- None of the new parties on the scene other than the Populists are picking up on this theme. And some of the older ones, like the National Liberals, have other policies that make them undesirable. We need Populism, we need Localism.....

Join the Populist Party.

Thursday 3 May 2018

Populist beats Green and Lib Dem candidates.

POPULIST candidate beats Green and Lib Dem opponents and comes third in the Shiney Row Ward in Sunderland:

Mel Speding - Labour Party 1,704 (54.4%)
Sally Oliver - Conservative Party 742 (23.7%)
Tony Morrow - Populist Party 414 (13.2%)
Neil Shaplin - Green Party 147 (4.7%)
Nana Boddy - Liberal Democrat 128 (4.1%)

Total Votes: 3135

This is a marvellous council result for the Populist Party, for Tony and the team. The best result the party has achieved. 

We have beaten TWO nationally known parties, and taken the third spot in a strongly Labour ward. This put us on track to field more candidates next time and to build the party in Shiney Row.

Congratulations to Sunderland branch of the Populist Party, and our excellent candidate Tony Morrow!

JOIN the POPULIST PARTY today to build a party of the people. Just £5 per year. 

Saturday 7 April 2018

The Populist Party is pleased to announce that our candidate for Shiney Row ward (Sunderland Council) is Mr Tony Morrow.
The Populist Party stands for:
Economic Protectionism
Turning off the big business immigration tap
Training and apprenticeships
Standing up to the multinationals
Tough law and order
Reform of the banking system
Breaking down of big business monopolies
Traditional values - not political correctness
Ecology and conservation
A mixed economy of both public and private ownership
Defending jobs and public services
A Brexit that works for the workers
Even if you don't live in Shiney Row, and cannot vote for Tony, find out more about the party based upon fairness and values. Next time there may be a candidate in YOUR ward.
The Populist Party...
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