Friday 28 July 2017

UKIP is in turmoil. Over the past 48 hours economics spokesman Partrick O'Flynn stood down from his role due to concerns that all of the leadership front runners are Thatcherites on economics. Meanwhile, one of these "Thatcherites" Bill Etheridge, has pulled out of the leadership race (second one he has abandoned) stating that he will resign from the party if either of the front runners are elected (Peter Whittle and Anne Marie Waters) amid fears over their focus on Islam.
Frankly, the whole thing is a mess. This is what happens when a party tries to accommodate too many diverse views. No, not even diverse - diametrically opposed.
Whoever wins will lead a lame duck party riven with disputes, because the party has little in the way of philosophy, other than a vague libertarian view on the small state (the Etheridge view).

The Populist Party has key values by which it agrees policy. These are:

1. Populists are opposed to the American-style rampant uncontrolled free market, materialism, commercialisation and consumerism.

2. Populists are anti-globalisation - the power of global finance, the banks. and major multinational corporations.

3. Populists support self-determination for all peoples. Populists support the preservation of nations, cultures, peoples and species.

4. Populists support Neutrality. No more involvement in foreign conflicts, especially the Middle East. If corporates wish to defend their overseas assets let them stump up the money for mercenaries.

5. Populists support protectionism. Proper sovereignty means a nation state controlling imports and exports where necessary. For fair pay and job security people must be encouraged to buy the goods they produce and the products must be affordable. Local production and local ownership.

6. Populists support Money Reform and oppose the international finance model of economy and private usury (money lending).

7. Populists support localism. We support co-operatives, the self employed and the small shop and would take steps to make them the heart of the economy..

8. Populists oppose free movement of peoples across borders; the mass movement of capital and people undermines wages and threatens jobs of those already living in developed countries, as well as our identity.

9. Populists support Public Provision. Great strides were made in the 20th century to create a welfare system to protect ordinary folk from hardship. We realise that reform is needed, but not privatisation.

10. Populists believe in full employment. Full employment leads to greater purchasing power and lower welfare costs.

11. Producerism. We believe that those who provide society with something of lasting value and do real jobs should be rewarded by a change to the tax system to redress the balance in favour of those who produce and against “agents” and “middlemen” who live comfortably off the hard work of others.

12. Populists believe in Direct Democracy –a Swiss style Referendum system. We will root out political corruption.

13. Populists believe in Popular Justice. Populists believe that all people should be criminally responsible for their actions and that the "punishment should fit the crime".

14. Populists support free speech and oppose political correctness.

-- UKIP has nothing like that in its statement of aims; a 14 point "set in stone" philosophy. Hence the arguments about economic direction.

UKIP achieved great things, not least with the securing of the referendum, but we now need a post-UKIP party that has a cohesive philosophy that will attract like minded people to work together, not against each other. We Populists wish to keep out the big-ego politicians, the cranks, those who get their kicks from in-fighting and those who are plants from other parties (Carswell?) to undermine the efforts of genuine activists.

UKIP isn't going anywhere but down. Only this week it lost its last remaining councillors in Mansfield due to defection.

Think about it - what is the point of pounding the streets and pouring money into UKIP if the councillor you elect defects to the Tories? You don't see defections on this scale with any other party.

They spoke of the "People's Army" yet members of UKIP complain that the NEC (National Executive) does not represent them. We DO need a "People's Army", which is why the Populist Party exists. We don't claim to have thousands of members (like some new parties do when really this only amounts to FB "likes"). We don't claim to have big money donors (and frankly, most donors donate big sums to influence direction - something that we would not countenance).

So join us today and build something that is radical and grass-roots based - the Populists.

Populist Party, 11 Greensleeves Avenue, Broadstone, Dorset, BH18 8BJ. £10 membership
The Populist Party committee for 2017-2018 as elected at our recent Annual General Meeting is:

 Leader:  Russell White
Deputy Leader:  Andrew Williams
Chairman:  Lee Consterdine
Deputy Chairman:  Ellen Davies
Treasurer:  Lee Consterdine
Nominating Officer (for Elections) : Michele Caruana
Admin and General Purposes Secretary: Michele Caruana

Committee (without portfolio)

Jonothon Boulter
Jason Branton
Aileen Casey
Brian Clare
Tony Morrow
Robert Stevens
Richard Vardy

This is the largest and most able Populist committee to date. We are growing in number. Join today!

Populist Party, 11 Greensleeves Avenue, Broadstone, Dorset, BH18 8BJ. £10 membership