Tuesday, 7 June 2022

 You've gotta laugh at the CivNat "Right".

In 2016 people voted for Brexit largely to prevent the influx of people from Eastern Europe (including those who like Eastern Europeans - and I don't harbour any grudge against them).
There were too many coming in, not matched by people living here moving to Poand, Hungary etc.
Nigel Farage spoke of being on a train in Hither Green and not hearing any English conversations. The liberals condemned him, but most understood his comment. He spoke of the effect on infrastructure - on schools, on housing, on all public amenities. About jobs being harder to get for local workers.
Housing them in the UK meant a hike in rents as landlords had a glut of people seeking a place to live in certain towns with above average EU born foreign residents.
YET, here we are in 2022, and often the same people are saying that we must house Ukranians. As if the aforementioned issues don't apply to THEM. As if a Pole or Romanian coming here takes up space, uses infrastructure, but a Ukranian doesn't.
Notwithstanding that, the Ukranians (as refugees) won't even be allowed to work and put into the economy or provide any value that the Poles and Romanians did in Starbucks, Pret A Manger etc. So it is even worse. Money spent without anything put back in. Sure, the argument will be made that "at least they are not taking our jobs" but I'm not sure that the rules won't be bent on that too.
And then we have the spectacle of rose-tinted glasses liberals in leafy suburbia being paid £350 to house them. But consider this. Their neighbours in the same road have found themselves mortgaged to the hilt to live there, but due to this invasion they then find said road changes into a mini-Kiev or Odessa overnight.
Tories and other civic-nationalists say that:
1. These are genuine refugees.
2. Unlike Islamicists they are unlikely to be terrorists..
3. Because of points one and two they should not be sent to Rwanda...
So, suddenly all the points made about refugees and immigrants taking space, altering our cultural mix, affecting infrastructure seem no longer valid. That all the points made about free movement in the 2016 Referendum don't apply to Ukranians, only to Poles and others who came here during our time in the EU!
Why can they not go to Rwanda? Do they not take up space, use resources? Or is it because they look more like us?
Here's the point. If we can allow Ukranians into the UK in their thousands then some bright spark will realise at that rate we could open our doors once more to all those Polish, Czechs etc who had free movement to the UK while we were in the EU....
Lack of consistency is a hallmark of liberals and yet we see supposed "social conservatives" backing mass immigration from Ukraine as if Farage's comments on free movement are no longer valid....
They say that Ukranians wish to return home, but the history of refugees to the UK would suggest otherwise. How many Huguenots, Jews, Ugandans, Poles and Hungarians, Iraqis etc returned home when it was deemed safe to do so? Very few - because each month, each year in the UK means developing new ties, even marriage to an English person in many cases and once the roots are planted here, they are here to stay.
IF you opposed free movement in 2016 you must support closing the doors to refugees.....

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