Wednesday 3 August 2022

You'd think that more supposed opponents of mass immigration would understand geo-politics and that it is NATO interventionism that created the massive influx of "refugees" to our shores....

And by backing NATO they are backing intervention to try to make the rest of the world resemble the USA where there is every conceivable minority group in the country, where said minorities have strong anti-white lobbies and where Woke/PC is running rampant.
The USA IS the template for the multicultural society yet there is so much hypocrisy and lack of understanding. It is as if people have gone around with their eyes closed tightly. And now Ukrainian refugees coming here. I suppose a number of fake opponents of multiculture back that too? Perhaps some took the Government's £350 bribe and took some in?

It isn't a hard concept to grasp. NATO is globalist, the EU is globalist. The UN certainly is. And they all want multiculturalism for the European nations so white people become a minority. Those who back Zelensky ARE for multiculturalism...

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