Saturday 25 February 2023

 A lot is said about "Populism" in the media.

The liberal elite hate it and use it as a slur, so we adopted the name with pride. It is a badge of honour...
Whether it is homeless veterans, child abuse, the power of the global elite or the betrayal of Brexit we will stand up for those (currently) with no voice.
We are radical. Radical enough to oppose big business, multinationals, the CBI, the TUC, NATO and the UN.
We'll fight for ecology, the green belt - against the developers. We'll defend jobs and services, and oppose privatisation.
We are nationalist but not imperialist
We are neutralist, not pacifist
For democracy, but not liberalism
For localism, not globalism
Conservative, but not for extreme "capitalism"
For the worker, but not Marxist
For ecology, but opposed to the anti-British "Green" Party
Against multiculturalism, but not based upon hatred.
We supported Brexit. But we aren't like the Brexit Party/Reform UK because if one looks at the people who became its MEPs they are very much of the elite, libertarians and Thatcherites, despite the party portraying itself as beyond left-right description, and we predict that it will probably merge with the Tories should the Tories ever more back to their previous pre-Cameron image and policies.
The Populist Party is the best vehicle to continue the "people's revolution" that UKIP began, because we really intend to take down the powers that be, rather than tinker with the system. Become a Populist.

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