Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The EU referendum result was a big thumbs down to those who have taken the British voter for granted for far too long. The political class (the 2% led by failed ex-Prime Ministers such as Major, Blair and Cameron, and funded by big business in the form of the CBI) called it incorrectly and the people spoke!
There were many valid reasons on both sides why people voted the way they did – immigration, the cost of living and concerns over workers’ rights being just a few. While some have refused to accept the democratic will of the majority most have sensibly decided to accept the result – to try to make it work, even if they did not vote for Brexit.
We seek a Brexit Britain that rejects both the dog-eat-dog uncaring Thatcherite right and the wild-eyed hard Left. Both are based upon textbook crank theories that ignore the real needs of ordinary people. Needs such as job security, fair wages, just prices, affordable rents and mortgages, freedom from crime and the fear of crime, and the right to free speech without loss of livelihood or (at worst) imprisonment.
Current politicians condemn “Populists” yet governments since the mid-1960s have been pushing an extreme agenda that breaks down communities, leads to loss of national identity and takes away personal and national independence.
How can this be reversed? We need to give people back their pride. Give them a stake in society, through co-operative ownership in business, worker participation with the managers of industry, and rewards for loyalty. It means policies to help people to buy locally from small business, to stop monopolies and the clone town mentality where all high streets are increasingly the same.
We need to conserve what matters to people, be it our local pub, our hospital, our school or our corner shop. Our heritage is under threat – be it the green belt or historic buildings from the bulldozers of the greedy developer. Once destroyed it can never return. The so-called “Conservative” Party fails to conserve anything except the wealth of its backers.
That also applies to identity. The hostility towards traditional values by the elite has lead to society breaking down, social order being unsettled and the formerly abnormal becoming the norm in the mass media. The fear of being condemned as prejudiced meant a decline in our traditional way of life.

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