Tuesday, 7 March 2017

We have an exciting vision for Populist Brexit, a people’s Brexit that works for you, not big business, not bureaucrats and certainly not the politicians!
How WE would implement Brexit. A 15 point plan….
1) Trade deals only with nations with a national average wage that matches our own. UK goods cannot compete with those made by people in sweatshops on poverty wages.
2) No trade deals that include powers for corporations to sue our governments in secret tribunals (the proposed TTIP deal).
3) No immigration from nations with a national average wage that does not match our own. Did you know that a Dentist in Romania’s average monthly income equals $488 but in the UK it is $3016! This is why we must implement a policy that protects our workers… no open borders or wage suppression….immigrant figures should never exceed emigrants.
4) A ban on future overseas takeover bids upon UK companies and a higher business tax for overseas owned corporations than our own companies. Let them pay for the right to operate here so our home-grown business can compete.
5) Outsourcing to be punished with tax penalties when businesses employ people overseas to carry out work that could be done here (example: call centres)
6) An automation tax that is designed to ensure that businesses that sack workers and replace them with machines pay far higher tax than those who employ people..
7) Scrap the EU-created Value Added Tax (VAT), and replace it with a tax on any imported goods (from countries not matching our national average wage) which we could make ourselves. There would be no tax therefore on products such as tea, bananas etc.
8) A tax on money transfer so that a % of the money destined to be spent in foreign High Streets is kept here and used to support our industry.
9) Incorporation of EU laws on parental leave, worker protection, safety and environmental standards into UK law.
10) All job vacancies to be in English and only advertised in this country.
11) Investment in our manufacturing, fishing and farming industry, apprenticeships. Replace student loans for vital subjects (engineering, science, health etc) with grants.
12) Return our utilities (water, gas, electricity, nuclear etc) back to public ownership instead of foreign ownership, so energy prices can be controlled.
13) A Bill of Rights, Responsibilities and Duties to replace EU Human Rights legislation..
14) Introduction of Swiss-Style Direct Democracy (a regular Referendum on local and national issues chosen by ordinary people).
15) A clampdown down on tax evasion by big business, and on welfare fraud.

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  1. a written constitution is needed even possibly becoming a Republic like Germany