Saturday, 8 April 2017

Further thoughts on the strike upon Syria.... 

We could be looking at WW3, between NATO/Israel and the Muslim World, as a war with Islamic State will no doubt wake up "sleeper" sympathisers in all nations with significant Muslim populations. It would mean an end to the phoney "war on terrorism" and the start of a REAL war, with conscription. This will be another Vietnam.

And if that occurs, we CANNOT assume victory, because Western governments have no intention of interning "potential" enemy aliens, on the grounds that "not all Muslims are terrorists". Well, I have news for them. In WW2 not all Germans living here were Nazis (in fact many were Jews) yet we still interned them, just in case. And the absence of an intricate enemy spy network within our borders helped us win. But today, a war with the Islamic State would fail, because even if Trump and May nuked ISIS to smithereens in THEIR borders we will still have ISIS backers roaming around with impunity within OUR borders.

And all this would mean nothing if a) we were neutral b) We had not allowed Muslim and Jewish mass immigration over the past few centuries to create lobby groups pulling us into arguments that were not our business!!!  

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  1. what is the point of the so-called special relationship we allegedly have with the USA will the party consider ending it