Sunday, 16 April 2017

UKIP says...
"Reports are coming out of Chechnya, about the arrests, imprisonment, torture and in some cases murder of gay men. Paul Nuttall, the UKIP leader has condemned the actions of the Putin backed warlord Ramzan Kadyrov,"
"If these reports are true, and it looks like they are, then the Government must protest in the strongest manner.
"Just because the warlord of this Islamic fiefdom is an ally of Putin should not blind us to the horrific abuse of human rights being perpetrated.
"Putin claims to oppose Isis and its blend of fundamentalism in Syria but seems to be impervious to decency. He has the power to stop this inhumanity. The Government should demand that he does."

--------- Why is Paul Nuttall getting involved in this?

1) Putin is fighting for traditional values, yet our own political class and media pushes an agenda which goes way beyond homosexual equality under the law.
2) Why is what happens in Chechnya (to homosexuals or indeed anyone else) a matter for UKIP to comment upon? UKIP supposedly prides itself upon being against the human rights lobby that expects us to intervene in every abuse across the world (usually with disastrous results!) but in practice is a globalist hand wringing liberal party like the old gang!

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  1. maybe UKIP or Ucrap will finally die and make way for a decent alternative like the Populist Party and rid ourselves of the tired liblabcongreensnp rabble