Saturday, 18 August 2018

UKIP's forthcoming split - Nigel Farage v Gerard Batten. 

Gerard feels he's been doing a good job, bringing in new people to his party, and preventing them from heading into bankruptcy.
We are inclined to agree.
However, whenever Nigel Farage speaks he makes the news.
Which is why we believe he would win a leadership contest, despite Populist Party leader Russell White conducting a poll of FB friends (Gerard v Nigel who would you choose?) favouring Gerard by 90%
Those UKIP members not on FB have a vote for the leadership too, and they do not get their news from FB, but instead see Nigel's grandstanding performances on TV and make their minds up from that.
Nigel would win the leadership, and if Boris defeats May, to become Tory leader, then the two will begin merger negotiations.
UKIP could firstly split, between the Gerard and Nigel factions, and then dissolve what's left into a Tory-UKIP party (perhaps called the Conservative Alliance?). This is likely because:
1) UKIP MEPs will wish to find seats in the House of Commons (as Tories in all but name).
2) Boris will wish to prevent a split vote between his party and UKIP that might allow a Labour victory (or Labour being the larger party and working with the SNP)
- We say that there needs to be a radical patriot party that:
1) Supports a Brexit which isn't neoliberal or globalist
2) Will take protectionist moves to defend our workers
3) Plans bring British industry back into British ownership
4) Will reform the money lending (usury) system
5) Is ecological, anti-fracking, for a clean earth
6) Will prohibit overseas ownership of our transport,
energy, NHS etc
7) Make the financial sector pay off the national debt, not
ordinary workers.
8) Will keep the UK out of the Middle East wars

UKIP won't be around much longer for the reasons we mentioned above, the Tories will continue to stand for the richest and most powerful, and Labour is due to split between its Blairite Euro-fanatics and Corbynite hard left, leaving "old Labour" patriotic socialists (people like Kate Hoey and Frank Field) without a political home.
Come to us. Build a successor to both UKIP and the Labour Party that will challenge the existing political set up
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  1. I want to see a end to May and Her apology of a premiership I can't stand Corbyn our party must become an alternative

  2. Gerard and Tommy need to setup there own party. We need a party that doesn't spit, in fight and have members leaving every other week, most of all we need a party that is RIGHT not just a Bit Right.