Saturday, 18 August 2018

Here's a dilemma some may face. 

They've enjoyed Populist Party posts on this page, they heard how the party is growing in Sunderland and they like our policies, but they still look to UKIP to provide the breakthrough in British politics..

We fully understand the reasons for this. People want quick results and a rejection of the Theresa May version of Brexit which ties us to the EU, what some have described as BRINO (Brexit In Name Only).

So people, while preferring our policies, may be hoping for a UKIP comeback in the polls, as that party is well known and (currently) larger. They may dislike the Tories to the extent that they have never voted for them, and if they have it is grudgingly.

So, for those reading this it may be a case of where do I head - Populist or UKIP?

We feel that decision will soon be made for people who like UKIP, but dislike the Tories.

We believe that the Boris Burka enquiry will fall short of expulsion, and that will give him the opportunity to rid the Tories (and the country) of Theresa May through a successful challenge for the leadership of the Conservatives.

We believe that a Boris victory would whittle the choice of UKIP or Populist Party down to one, as he would most likely broker a deal with a Farage-led UKIP (as it will be once Gerard's term expires) to merge into a new Conservative and Independence Party (or some such name).

This makes perfect sense for both as UKIP's version of Brexit is little different (if at all) to Boris's (unlike our Protectionist workers' Brexit).

Boris will wish to remove a potential split vote, and the UKIP MEPs, once they lose their seats after Brexit, will seek to be Conservative-Independence candidates in 2022.

We urge those reading this to pre-empt this likely event by joining the Populist Party, to work to create a new opposition to the Tories that is traditional and worker-oriented, in place of the Labour Party...

Don't wait until UKIP is submerged into a Boris-led Mark 2 Tory party. Act now, and sign up to the Populists.....

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  1. UKIP is through it was always a pressure valve of the corrupt establishment the Tories must get rid of Mrs Maybot as Labour is unelectable with Comrade Corbyn as Leader