Saturday, 1 September 2018

What kind of society allows schools where the disruptive bully runs the classroom, and the ultimate punishment for bad behaviour is removal to a school with more facilities & attention than is available to the well-behaved left behind?
What kind of society allows our old people in care to have to sell their homes they worked for all their lives, threatens to cut the pensions of the future elderly, yet rewards the work shy, the wastrel, and the criminal with incentives to live off their neighbours, whilst the real poor go without?
What kind of society allows yobs to control our streets, to rape our daughters and attack our sons.
There’s a civil war going on in our land, but there are no armies - just innocent people being maimed and killed daily by thugs and molested by perverts who no longer fear a police force that is being neutered by political correctness. Think that’s too strong?
Read the papers, watch the news and remember.
Remember the children who died at the hands of sick evil men and women over the years. More each year...
Remember every old soldier whose last moments were not at the hands of an enemy during the war, but at those of the generation he fought to save from tyranny and mass murder.
That’s the kind of society we live in. A “dysfunctional society” where nothing works.
Given the will, the people could change the country within a short time. But it means tough action. It means rolling back the “human rights” legislation that allows terrorists and other vicious criminals to roam free.It means scrapping useless open prisons, life meaning life for child killers and serial killers.
If we want a safe society where little children can play safely and old people can go out at night we need to change the way we think. That means a backlash against liberal attitudes. It means putting the victim first, and outlawing the pressure groups that push for a soft deal for law breakers.
The only party that can be trusted to defend the children, the vulnerable, is the Populist Party.
Not controlled by the establishment - no vested interests; an open and grass-roots party of the people.
Populist Party, 11 Greensleeves Avenue, Broadstone, Dorset, BH18 8BJ. £5 membership (12 months).


  1. Hello Russell, This is a short clip from an animation I made for a website I'm publishing shortly,"The John Bull Movement". However I may still re-edit this as I'm not quite happy with this just yet.
    I am a member of your Party, the name is Dan from up North.

    You may wonder why I am presenting The John Bull Movement to you! Myself-being just an animated character with an English accent. Well now, let me tell you that we the English have just about been written off as of no great consequence in this Globalist Multicultural environment. We-the English don't appear to have anyone that is capable of speaking up for our down-trodden people. It now seems that if We-don't get our act together soon we may lose our country all together. Just where are the men, Just-like all those of yesteryear, who could speak up for this country England. Now we know that the Globalists and Multiculturalists have been conspiring to take over this country for some time now! England being one of the main target for there vision of there new Eutopia. You might have noticed that this steady Usurpation of England co-insides with the fact-that almost all of the old people who knew about this country before the second world war- are just about gone. This now gives them an open field to bring in there plans for a complete change to the running of this country.


    You may well have noticed that word (Change) appearing all over the Country as it intends to be preparing us all for really big Changes.
    By the way when are you getting that Website going.

    1. Thanks Dan. Lee is supposed to be getting the website in place within the next few weeks.

  2. if people didn't continue to sheepishly vote for the corrupt 3 failed parties then We can have real change the British/English gormlessly voted in the Blair creature in 3 times didn't they each time 1997 2001 and 2005 yet each time He crawled back in like Thatcher and Cameron did the populist party must tour this Country and offer something new no more Wars in Middle East, stop following America out of the EU/ECHR completely no more mass immigration either

  3. the other outfits they have passed their sell by dates that We should leave are the UN Nato IMF World Bank

  4. get the Marxist Corbynistas out of the Educational systems