Thursday, 3 May 2018

Populist beats Green and Lib Dem candidates.

POPULIST candidate beats Green and Lib Dem opponents and comes third in the Shiney Row Ward in Sunderland:

Mel Speding - Labour Party 1,704 (54.4%)
Sally Oliver - Conservative Party 742 (23.7%)
Tony Morrow - Populist Party 414 (13.2%)
Neil Shaplin - Green Party 147 (4.7%)
Nana Boddy - Liberal Democrat 128 (4.1%)

Total Votes: 3135

This is a marvellous council result for the Populist Party, for Tony and the team. The best result the party has achieved. 

We have beaten TWO nationally known parties, and taken the third spot in a strongly Labour ward. This put us on track to field more candidates next time and to build the party in Shiney Row.

Congratulations to Sunderland branch of the Populist Party, and our excellent candidate Tony Morrow!

JOIN the POPULIST PARTY today to build a party of the people. Just £5 per year. 

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