Friday, 25 May 2018

Who gets forgotten by every government? 

The self-employed and the small business. Why? Because bigger businesses have the clout that goes with big money donations to political parties that will do their bidding.

Not only do we need to break the corruption inherent in parties being funded by business and unions, but we also need to break down those businesses into smaller units.

Is it right that the same department stores and supermarkets operate in high streets across the country. It is getting worse - the number of "clone towns" is growing each year, with each high street effectively the same.....

Now, some may say "who cares as long as I can get food to eat at a reasonable price", but from a democratic perspective it skews elections and makes politicians beholden to the big forces.

From a small enterprise perspective the self employed builder and plumber cannot compete with a large concern that can charge lower prices, employ cheap labour (often from abroad) and monopolise the industry even though he may provide the classier service and skilled attention to detail....

The small shop often cannot compete, unless it is a niche outlet (ethnic food etc). Eventually 5 or 6 big corporations will run all retail food outlets... Essentially monopoly capitalism has the same effects as communism - a restriction of consumer choice in certain spheres of the economy.

The more of us stop being self-employed or in small enterprises the less private enterprise means to people - and guess what? When that happens people turn to Marxists like Mr Corbyn, because they no longer have a stake in the economy and instead of trying to branch out on their own, striving for self-reliance, they find their efforts crushed by the big forces.

We need monopoly control. We need a ban on most mergers. We need a tax system that massively favours small enterprise over big business. We need far more individual retailers - butchers, bakers etc rather than these being provided by the hypermarkets...

We need to reverse the trend and become the "nation of shopkeepers and artisans that we once were".......

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  1. this Country is crying out for an alternative to the 3 old failed parties who care about this Country and Her People the Tories only care about the Bankers in London, Labour only care for Immigrants the Liberals revere the EU as a religion We need to get rid of the Welfare System and fully train people into trades not stacking shelves or working in Starbucks serving putrid expensive coffee rebuild Our Infrastructure Military and Manufacturing the Populist party can do what Trump did and bypass the corrupt corporate Press

  2. Hello Adam,

    We are encouraged by the results from Italy; their first Populist government. Hoping that it will have a knock-on effect here.