Friday, 25 May 2018

The 2018-19 Populist Party executive election has taken place, with the following result. 

The successful candidates are as follows:

Party Leader -    Russell White
Deputy Leader - Tony Morrow
Party Chairman and Treasurer - Lee Consterdine 
Deputy Chairman - Min (Ellen) Davies
Membership Secretary and Nominating Officer - Michele Caruana

The Following members of the Executive (non-portfolio) were also elected

  1. Richard Boyce
  2. Aileen Casey
  3. Reece Haynes
  4. Dick Vardy
  5. Ian Gander
  6. Chris Eynon 
  7. Jason Branton 
  8. Brian Clare 
  9. Jonothon Boulter
  10. Andrew Williams

Congratulations to all those elected. 

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