Monday, 25 June 2018

1. Supports open borders, so that local workers are replaced by those from poorer nations, thereby depressing wages and increasing the numbers applying for jobs.
2. Supports mass unemployment, so that there are more workers applying for each job, meaning there are more to choose from and the more desperate workforce is willing to accept worse pay and conditions in order to secure that job.
3. Supports an increasing population, so that there is more demand for housing, and more pressure on government to relinquish green belt land, parks, playing fields and golf courses for new development. Big businesses destroy the environment.
4. Encourages personal debt, entices people to buy items they do not need, to "keep up with the Joneses" and generally remain in the control of the banks.
5. Buys influence over our elected politicians by funding their campaigns in return for "favours". Blackmails the voter with threats to disinvest if government does not pursue "business-friendly" policies.
6. Supports "free trade", which really means the production of goods by sweated labour in the Third World, rather than employing our people on fair pay and conditions. These imports undercut products made in our factories causing our people yet more unemployment (which, as already mentioned is part of big businesses' way of keeping the workforce servile).
7. Seeks to monopolise the economy by wiping out the small trader in price wars with loyalty cards and bulk buying. As small independent traders close, our High Streets become "clone towns" with each becoming much the same as another, up and down the country.
8. Promotes the privatisation of our utilities (water, gas, electricity) so it can control every aspect of life.

------ It is time to create a new movement that will campaign for public ownership of essential services, to restore the fortunes of the small business, and to break down big business into smaller locally owned units. Join the Populist Party TODAY! 

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  1. I'm not sure if you know about how preston is using co-ops to help
    regenerate the city. I know you guy's are big into co-operatives as
    part of the economy. So I've included some links for you to read up on
    how Preston is using co-ops and small business to help the local