Thursday, 7 June 2018

Unlike UKIP we can tap into remainer fears over:

a) Competition and undercutting by developing nations outside the EU.
b) Reduced Health and Safety...
c) The working time directive...
e) Subsidies for our farmers
f) Matching the EU current regional development post Brexit (and outlining that it is OUR money that they use).

PP policy offers a protectionism that current EU supporters may find more palatable than the "global Britain" proposed by the Tories and UKIP. Much of the Labour pro-EU vote was based upon a feeling that the EU could provide protection against neo-liberalism, Thatcherism and deregulation.

We can persuade them that the realistic choice for them post-Brexit, is to side with a Protectionism outside the EU that continues to favour trade with developed nations over the developing/undeveloped ones (initially Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, and eventually any EU nation that breaks free from the EU), but with the bonus of free trade with Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

We will reach out beyond the 52%, because though a proportion of them (mainly in wealthier areas) will be diametrically opposed to our economics, another proportion of the Remain vote (in the less well-off areas) voted out of fear of the unknown, based upon concerns over points a) to f) as outlined above.


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  3. I never had time for the Thatcher worshipping UKIP gang