Tuesday, 26 June 2018

"The UK will have to significantly increase defence spending if it is to maintain influence with Washington and Nato allies, MPs have warned."
"A Commons Defence Committee report says the defence budget should rise from 2% of GDP (£40bn) to 3% (£60bn)."
"The committee said the extra money for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) could be spent on increasing the readiness of the armed forces and to bolster Britain's anti-submarine warfare to counter possible threats from Russia."
1) "Influence" translates to "telling other nations how to run their own affairs and invading them in order to make them "liberal democracies" (often with disastrous consequences, as he have seen in the Middle East)
2) "Possible threats from Russia" - Russia is trying to defend European civilisation from Radical Islam, multiculturalism and Cultural Marxism.
They aren't the enemy - our political class is.....
3) People complain about the financial cost of being in the EU, but what about the cost of being in NATO? Neutrality, and not sticking our noses into the Middle East; spending money only on armed forces capable of defending our borders is a far cheaper option.


  1. WE should only have a strong military to serve Our interests not the USA or EU agenda

  2. One of things that really got my back up when on FB was those arrogant conceited Liberal Leftists, they thought; that only they could know how the world could work.

    By the way Russell how's the website comming along.