Thursday, 8 November 2018

Stephen Fry

“So here we are, blind as moles, engaged in ugly, unappealing struggles of identity politics, nationhood and other such fatuous, outmoded notions, while the planet on which we depend for life is gasping for air and a technological tsunami threatens to engulf us and redefine us without our consent,” said Mr Fry.
Reminder for Mr Fry. .. .
Nationhood does not cause ecological disasters. 
It could be argued that globalisation in the form of multinationals that are MORE powerful than nation states is more harmful to the environment. And the Communist system is no better - with China's record on the environment and the Soviet Union's Chernobyl disaster.
Does he even know what Classical liberalism is? It is economic libertarianism. The system that removes environmental and monopoly legislation, that scraps the green belt in favour of profit.
Small is beautiful said E F Schumacher. Small nations, small-scale living, microeconomics. Take away nations and identities, reducing mankind to materialistic consumerism where corporations are the hidden global government and environmental disaster will ensue.....

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