Thursday, 8 November 2018

I find I can often identify political opponents by their view of the past. There are two groups (and a smaller number believe in a mixture of the 2 main opinions).

Group 1
1) The police were more respected and more effective in the past. Sure, the methods they used were tough, but they got results.
2) Education in the past provided results. Students learned discipline and it prepared them to go to work.
3) Censorship of swearing, sex and violence in the media, prevented society from becoming coarser and more dangerous.
4) Music was more joyous. It lifted the spirits. Modern music is less melodic and more downbeat.
5) Comedy was more light hearted and less "political". Most people could see the funny side of stereotypes, because they were based upon real people, but with some exaggeration for comic effect.
6) People could live in the same area for many years, knowing it would not alter rapidly in a short space of time.
7) People stayed in the same industry for years because once your had a skill you could always find employment.
Group 2
1) Policing in the 1970s was "racist", "sexist" etc. The type of policemen depicted on TV shows like The Sweeney and Life On Mars are thankfully being weeded out. Policing is now more inclusive of minorities and based upon mutual consent.
2) Education in the past was too focused upon results, rather than developing the whole person. The system was too strict and upset those who did not perform, so today's idea of "everyone must have rewards - no winners or losers" is kinder.
3) Censorship of swearing, sex and violence in the media presented an unrealistic view of life. Those in the arts were stifled by the likes of Mary Whitehouse, who imposed Christian morality on the media...
4) Music was frivolous, lacking depth. Modern music dealt with social issues rather simply than love and romance between a man and a woman.
5) TV comedy relied upon outmoded stereotypes of black people (Black and White Minstrels, Love Thy Neighbour), women and homosexuals (Carry on Films). Today's comedy is socially relevant and only hurts the bigot and the xenophobe.
6) People lived in the same area for years because of a lack of "social mobility". Housing had "no dogs, no blacks, no Irish" signs in the window. Now minority groups can move wherever they wish, and eventually there will be no all white areas.
7) People were stuck in the same industry for years without progressing. Technology has meant that people now retrain every few years, to keep themselves employable so the economy does not stagnate.

--- Is this a fair reflection of the key cultural mindset divide?

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